Friday, October 21, 2011

An Updated Living and Dining Room

All Photos - The Grower's Daughter

I wanted to share a few quick updates I've been working on in our living and dining room. They are nearly complete, there are just a few more details still needing to be finished.

First of all, I switched out our old loveseats for this loveseat and chair set that had previously been in our basement. It's the classic slip-covered Ikea sofa set. It's white, it's durable, and it looks a little more polished than the covered loveseats did. The old ones may furnish this room again one day, when I've had the chance to get them professionally refinished, but for now, this set is clean and simple - just what I was looking for.

Having sold my old trunk, I needed a replacement coffee table fast. For now, the matching poof works perfectly with a simple white tray on top.

The piano switched walls and I finally hung some artwork. I found this pair of portraits from Tattered and Torn and am happy to have found a home for them. It should be clear that I have absolutely no artwork in my house. This is something that I've always wanted to change. My husband and I both love artwork, and can appreciate good art. However, I have a very specific idea of what I love, and I've never been able to find myself something that matches that close enough. I love old landscapes and ornate frames, but we both find ourselves drawn to old, dark portraits. These two really did work perfectly. Maybe one day I will find two matching frames for them...

Space is quite limited in our living room, but we also have a large family room in our basement that houses our entertainment systems and has a cozy fireplace. I just wanted something simple and put together for our main floor. To me, this room is nice enough for a more formal sitting room, but
is still livable and inviting.

Opposite the loveseat is our armchair. This is my chair - the place where I enjoy my morning coffee and devotional, the place where I knit or read, and the place where Willen and I like to snuggle with our books before bed.

In our dining room, I got a replaced our old white pedestal table with a new one. It's slightly higher, but more narrow than the previous one, so it fits this space better. I also borrowed four wicker chairs from my sister in law. She wasn't using them... I wanted to buy the same ones new... so here they are!  I love my sister in law.

The wicker warms this previously very white space up a great deal (though you can't tell from these dark photos... it's so dreary outside and I'm lacking natural light, but it's been rainging forever!).

And finally, the last of my Limelights. The rest have all turned their dusty rose with the cold weather.


  1. It looks very nice, Maria! So cozy.

  2. LOVE all the white... alas with two labs (white and black), a dachshund, a husband and a 21 year old farm working son white is not in the cards for me!

    I really like the empty frame you have hanging... I've been trying to make a few changes and really like the idea to borrow perhaps.


    PS my limelights have all given way to rosey-coral blooms.

  3. Beautiful!!!
    Love your white couches and your wicker dining room chairs are gorgeous!

    Deborah xo

  4. just what I needed at the end of a cleaning day!

  5. It all looks so pretty. I love all the whites with the basket colored wicker chairs and the dark piano. It's so simple and clean, and at the same time looks smushy and inviting!


  6. Your living room looks very fresh and cozy. I really like the woods and wicker mixed with the white painted wood and white slips. The portraits are a great look too.

  7. It all looks very calm and serene. I love the wicker have a very generous sister in law!


  8. Isn't it fun to change things up a bit once in a while, Maria? Your simple changes really made your rooms look so open and airy yet warm for the cold months ahead. I want to get a couple IKEA sofas. They look so very comfy and cozy! :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. love your beautiful home...especially all the white!

  10. I really like it. It's all so crisp and fresh looking.

  11. Beautiful! I want a couch just like yours!

  12. Your piano could be considered a great decoration. I know you may use to play music. I'm just saying it brings beauty to your home.


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