Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Collection of Red Transferware

I'm so excited to finally get to share with you some beautiful pieces of red transferware that I've been assembling over the past couple of weeks.

I have quite a large collection of white ironstone pitchers, as well as a few tureens and serving dishes and until now, I've kept my dish collecting to just those few pieces.

However, every time I browse through an antique store, I can't help but be drawn to the pieces of transferware in their pretty shades.  Putting together a collection would be quite hard in this area and though there are so many lovely pieces online, shipping can be so expensive.

Then I came across an ad for a collection of transferware in the local classifieds and immediately inquired. A son was selling his late mother's collection from her estate as the family no longer had any use for the china. Most of it (the "Woodland" pattern by Woods and Sons) was purchased here in Canada, but a few pieces (the Mason's "Vista England") that are worn and old, but still lovingly cared for, are what is left of her set that was brought over from Germany almost 100 years ago. Though I'm always hesitant to believe the history of any piece I buy (I'm sure it wasn't quite 100 years...), I still found this one to be a charming idea.

Regardless, I couldn't be happier with my new collection. I can't possibly keep all of it as there were over 80 pieces altogether, but I have set aside a set of 6 and a few extra serving pieces.

I've begun listing the remainder of the estate in the shop which you can purchase here.

The platter in the back is one of the old Mason's transferware pieces, along with the small pitcher to the right. 

Set of Four Demitasse Cups and Saucers - $20.00 

Set of Six Bone Dishes - $25.00

Set of Two Serving Bowls - $35.00

Set of 4 Soup Bowls - $30.00

This was one of the most exciting parts of the collection. There was a set of four serving platters (see the platter in the top photo). There is a small, medium, large and extra lager platter in the set. These are the four patterns depicted on each starting with the smallest (top left) to the largest (bottom right). They are stunning and would make a gorgeous wall display!

Do you have anything in particular you collect, or would love to start collecting?


  1. I have quite a bit of the brown transferware~ It was given to me, and I think I will never part with it~

  2. Beautiful collection! I have many pieces of Mason's Vista that I inherited from my great aunts.
    I love it very much and have added to it over the years. Enjoy yours...your photos are wonderful!
    Laura :)

  3. I'm always so amazed when family sells something like this... but then again if no one likes it/wants it at least it can go to a "loving home"!

    What a beautiful collection~

    1. The man who sold it did say that he was happy it was going to be appreciated and loved. And it will be. Obviously not all of it, but specifically the original pieces - the most cherished.

  4. My grandmother's Cantonware - priceless in memories, painfully beautiful.

  5. Beautiful photos of some beautiful transferware. I have a large collection of blue and white, but I love the brown and white transferware. Lately I have been collecting brown and white pitchers.

    Have a happy mothers day!

  6. Oooh I'm happy to have the opportunity to buy it...but I think you're crazy to part with it! But with an attitude like mine you end up with two storage units packed to the gills with china, crystal, and silver. I rotate it and use it all though.


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