Friday, May 3, 2013

Blossoms, Brass and Brown Transferware


My weekend has started off on a perfect note.

I'm happy to report that Spring has finally arrived in all her glory! The fruit trees are ready to explode into rows of beautiful blossoms and the warm weather has touched every tree and plant, leaving behind the promising buds of leaves and flowers to come.

On my way home from a flea market at a local church in town, I stopped by the post office to pick up a parcel. I had found a beautiful brown transferware serving dish online and the lady who had posted it happily shipped it to me (it was too far to justify driving to). My collection of pink transferware has grown quite large recently, but this is one of the few brown pieces I have.

From there I took the back roads home through the orchards and it looks as though this weekend our trees will be in full bloom. One of the farmers was out pruning the peach trees and sent me home with an armful of blossoms. They won't last long, but they're a beautiful sight for now.

Our local farmer's market began yesterday also a sign that Spring has arrived. So far the selection of local produce is sparse, but Spring favorites like asparagus and peas will arrive before we know it!

Have a lovely weekend!

At the flea market I picked up this set of brass candlesticks for $5.

I also found this little brass candlestick for $.25! 

Along one of the back roads we noticed this empty nest in some brush by the road. She's a beautiful addition to my collection in my office.

These beautiful blossoms were also along the road. I'm not entirely sure what tree they are from but they're beautiful.

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  1. I think those white blossoms are from plum trees. Beautiful!!!


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