Tuesday, May 28, 2013


 While waiting for my own peonies to open, I picked up a small bunch from the grocery store this weekend.

 There are only three simple stems, but they are just so beautiful and fragrant. 

I can't get enough of them.

If I had to guess, I would think the two pink stems were Sarah Bernhardt's and the white Festivus Maximus. I have a lot of the white in my gardens. They both smell divine.

The petals start off so tightly closed together, and then they slowly unfold into these big, beautiful booms. 

They've found their place on my table in the living room beside my reading chair. I also got around to lowering the painting to fit the height of the table.

Today it's a rainy, gray day, but it doesn't bother me. Everything looks so bright and green and fresh. It's beautiful.

The ants are busy helping the peonies open. I've always found this the most beautiful thing. The ant, such a small and seemingly insignificant insect, has been left with the most important task of opening the peony buds. 

My roses are budding as well.

We have Bowl of Beauty peonies lining our front walk way. They were planted last year and I received only one single bloom. This year they are full and established and covered in buds!

On another note, a while ago I came across this publication called Life: Beautiful. It's a Christian publication  that is so beautifully done. It's full of lovely entertaining ideas, delicious recipes, articles on decorating and lots of other great reads. I have a subscription, but I know you can purchase it at Chapters in Canada, and Barns and Noble in the US. They only publish 4 issues a year.

"Faith isn't just for Sunday mornings - it's a lifestyle choice that when woven into the fabric of daily life impacts a person's outlook, plans, purpose, decisions, home, health, relationships, success, and legacy."
Wanda Ventling, 
editor Life:Beautiful.

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  1. thanks for giving me this for mothers day....it is such a nice read and can't wait to try out the recipes. love mom


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