Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Collection of Ornaments

Over the years, I've curated what I think is a lovely collection of Christmas ornaments. Most of them are mercury glass, and have that vintage feel to them, despite being new. Some were quite a bit more expensive than others, and were picked up a couple at a time, here and there. Others are very dear to me, and are a special part of my tree.

Together they make for a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. One that I rather wish could be a part of our home for more than the few short weeks it is.

I love the different shades of mercury glass and the rustic feel the twine adds to them.

There are some that are quite in expensive, but are beautiful despite their cost. These little pine cones were found a few years ago at Target for a couple dollars on clearance.

There are about 20 ornaments that came together in a box when Zellers went out of business. I scooped them up for less than a dollar an ornament. They are all different shapes and patterns, so visually they add lots of character to the tree. But really, they're my low ornaments. The ones that curious little fingers like to turn and watch the sparkling lights in. The ones that have, on occasion, dropped off their boughs and broke in pieces. They're my "bottom bough" decorations. 

Home Sense and Winners are great sources for cheap ornaments. I purchased these round ones after Christmas last year. It was $3 for a box of 12! It was a steal.

Then, near the top, are my more expensive ornaments. The ones I've recieved as gifts and slowly collected from stores like Pottery Barn. They're beautiul.

And finally, my sentimental ornanments. The really special ones that are very dear to me.

Each year, on December 1st, I would give Jess a Christmas ornament. When she passed away, I picked out the ornaments I had given, and now at Christmas, they hang as little reminders of many Christmas memories shared.

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We're so excited. I have lots of do around the house, but I can't wait!


  1. They're all so beautiful Mia and the special ones that hold a place in your heart the most endearing.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas together...


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