Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An Antique Sleigh

I've spent the past few evenings with a pot of tea and Bing Crosby - his voice, that is - wrapping Christmas presents.

I'm nearly finished decorating the living room, but in the mean time I wanted to show you something wonderful I've had stashed away for quite some time.

Back in the summer, I found this gorgeous antique wooden sleigh at an antique store in town. It was a steal, which was mainly because the top of the frame was broken, but that didn't matter. It was perfect for how I envisioned using it.

Part of the decorating today included rearranging my cabinet. I moved a collection of ironstone pitchers to one of the shelves, and tucked a few pieces of greenery between the rest.

 I'm looking forward to finishing the rest of the room tomorrow.

I also have an appointment to go view two lovely wing chairs I'd like to recover, but that has to wait until after Willen's Christmas brunch at school.


  1. Your style is so pretty. The sleigh is a great piece too. Enjoy the Christmas brunch.

  2. We found a vintage (but much newer) sled in a free pile last summer... with our Christmas in the barn this year I now know just how I'll be using it!

  3. Maria, you have such a beautiful touch with seasonal decor. I love that it always looks organic and fresh.

  4. Love the sled! I'm so enjoying your blog. So glad I discovered it.

  5. Oh the sleigh is wonderful! I am looking forward to see how you use it. Your Christmas preparations are really lovely and you cannot beat a bit of Bing! Love Linda x


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