Monday, December 8, 2014

Red Transferware

Anyone who has known me for a while - okay, maybe not even that long - probably figured out fairly soon in our relationship that I love white.

White walls, white furniture, white china.

I simply like white.

So it kind of goes without saying, that aside from fresh greens and mercury glass and maybe a bit of rust and wood, that nearly all of my Christmas decor is a shade of white.

Quilted cream stockings. Kraft paper packages with white ribbon.White Poinsettias.

There is however one bit of Christmas decor that isn't white. 

Over the past couple years, I've collected bits of red transferware to display during December.

They have a lovely traditional Christmas feel to them.

 I've actually sold quite a bit of my collection, as it was simply too much to display. What remains were a few of my favourite pieces, and place settings for four.

These Mason's teacups came from an older lady who brought them with her when she immigrated from Europe. She only had one saucer in tact, so they're paired with a newer version.

The dinner plates are Johnson Bros., and are a fair bit newer.

But that's the beauty of transferware. Different patterns mix well, and in my opinion, look more flattering together.

You can see in the photos above that another hint of red that comes out at Christmas is a beautiful stitched tablecloth made from old European grainsacks. It's three lengths stitched together, and it has that thick, worn-soft from use, feel to it.


  1. The perfect amount of red for Christmas. Beautiful.

  2. I love transferware. Lovely setting!

  3. Oh my! Your table setting is soooo lovely!

  4. I love transferware and the red and white designs are just perfect for Christmas. So pretty and festive! I like your red and white table linen too.

  5. I love all the Masons but its that lovely pitcher that caught my eye. What company and or pattern is that Maria?
    We're supposed to get snow overnight so the view from your windows shall change completely. The boys will like the snow I'm sure.
    Susan x

    1. Hello Susan,

      The pitcher is unmarked, but it's very pretty. It has a detailed floral motif on the front, more simple variation on the back. It looks sort of like a peony bloom, with leaves and a daisy on the back. It also has a matching small vase. I think it may be from a vanity set.

      I just looked out the window and even though it's now dark, I can see it's snowing. I'm gald because we're all quite tired of all the green!


  6. Absolutely beautiful! Can you tell me the pattern name of the Johnson brothers plates? Thank you 💖

    1. Hi Priscilla,

      I can't at the moment as they are in storage right now. So sorry.



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