Thursday, December 14, 2017

living room mantel

I was struggling this year with what to do on our mantel in the living room. Some years I drape Cedar roping over it. Others, I tuck greens among the glass cloches. Truth be told, I kind of felt like just leaving it untouched this year. I mean the tree is pretty enough!

But it really is a beautiful mantel, and it deserves to be dressed up for the holidays.

Of course, by the time I went to purchase Cedar roping, it was all sold out. So I grabbed the largest bundle of Scotch Pine I could find for all of $14.99, and made my own. I have this really full burlap garland that is about 6 inches wide, so I used that instead of rope, and wired my greens to it. I had to keep it a little short as our youngest would pull on it if it dangled within his reach.

I then wove it between the bits on the mantel, tucked a few pine cones in it here and there, and done!

The Scotch Pine boughs are very sturdy and hold their own in the garland, which I like.

It also smells heavenly... which I like even more.



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