Wednesday, December 6, 2017

a second thanksgiving

While we already celebrated Thanksgiving at the beginning of October, I couldn't help but join all my American friends and celebrate again! We were away at the cottage and it was relaxing and gorgeous, but I didn't get to spend the day preparing a meal or setting a beautiful table. And to be honest, even though the leaves were beautiful way up North, it still felt like summer back home.

And while Thanksgiving is long gone, at least it seems that way, and we're all in full Christmas spirit, I still wanted to share a couple photos from the day.

As it was only the five of us, I stuffed a turkey breast instead of doing a whole turkey, and served it with stuffing with leeks, roasted carrots and Brussel sprouts, maple Buttercup squash and an apple pie for dessert. I would have made pumpkin pie, but was outnumbered by every other family member (and the last thing I need is a whole pumpkin pie).

I love setting the table. I like how cozy it feels to eat with candlelight. And I love taking my time, tweaking it until it's just the way I want it. It was all worth it when Hudson leaned over and said "I always love it when we have fancy dinners together".

I took out my calligraphy set to make some place settings.
(Did I mention how much I love my chargers?)

And the grand finale, apple pie.

I hope you and enjoyed your Thanksgiving celebrations as much as I did. We spent the day as a family, and before we sat down to eat, we went out and cut down out Christmas tree. More on that soon!


  1. Such a Beautiful Table Thank you for sharing

  2. You have such a lovely touch! Really enjoy your blog and Instagram.


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