Tuesday, December 12, 2017

christmas in the kitchen

We awoke this morning to a winter wonderland!

And all the snow makes the whole house bright. So I made the most of the light and thought I'd show you the very minimal Christmas decor in the kitchen. It really is just tucking a bit of greens here and there. No snowmen tea towels or special Christmas dishes...

I like using Juniper for the shelves as it has pretty blue berries.

And I love that I can see just a glimpse of the tree from the kitchen.

But one of my favourite things about our home is my white dishes against the stone walls. It's such a pretty contrast.

I even made the most of a quiet snowy day and snuggled with this little one for a bit this afternoon.


  1. Your home is beautiful. Love the white dishes and your stone wall! We live in a century home in Grey County which I grew up in and now retired here. Good for you for snuggling with your little one! The best times as the grow up so quickly. Merry Christmas from our home to yours! Mary

  2. My comment seems to have been lost! I love the stone wall and the dishes against it. In particular I love how well your countertops go with your stone. Is the countertop a laminate? Could you please give me the name of it? Your baby is darling, and beautiful! Ann

    1. Hello Ann,

      The counter tops were installed by previous owners, so I unfortunately don't know any of the details. It is a laminate counter top though.



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