Friday, December 8, 2017

oh christmas tree

It's the 8th of December, and I've had our Christmas tree for nearly two weeks, and I'm finally getting around to showing you what it looks like.

It's perfect.
However, I'm going to be honest. Right now I have two boys home from school, snuggled by the fireplace - one sleeping, the other reading (the littlest napping upstairs) - and I would much rather curl up with them and enjoy a quiet afternoon than go into lengthy detail of my tree.

Instead, I'll share lots of photos and keep my comments to a few.

This year, we visited the farm of a family friend (neighbors of my grandparents), who has been reforesting some of his land. However, he's running into overcrowding and in order to keep the trees growing healthy, he needs to thin them out to give them room. We decided they would make the perfect old fashioned Christmas trees. So into the woods we went.

While I add a new decoration or two, I've settled into a collection of ornaments that I love, so the look hasn't changed much. I didn't put as many on this year as the tree was quite a bit more sparse.

I added a new tree skirt, something I've been looking to buy for a while. This one is from Oliver and Rust and it's burlap with a cream lace fringe. (The pillows on the couch are also made by her.)

My ornaments are almost entirely mercury glass, most of which are from Pottery Barn or Homesense.

And while we have another tree in our family room, filled with the boys' handmade ornaments, a few special ones do get put on the living room tree. Like this snowflake Hudson made, or the thumbprint heart Willen made (note how they've decorated them - or not decorated them - to suit my taste!).


It really is my favourite tree. The only thing it's missing is the real tree scent. For some reason it doesn't smell as strong as a real tree from a tree farm, but there are plenty of other greens in the house to make up for it.

Next up is the fireplace!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Maria! And you know what I love even more? The fact that you curled up and spent time with your babies!! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family. xx, Emily


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