Friday, July 30, 2010

APOTHECARY ~ Aspirestyle Cosmetic Cases

So I know that generally this section would be more for actual beauty items, however, while packing this afternoon, I realized a good travel case or bag is just as essential. These are ones from Aspire Style - a company in the UK. I love each of them and even included a wallet and purse just because I couldn't resist! Check out their website for more great finds or for the pricing on these items.



  1. Oh I looove! It doesn't look like they ship to Canada, but if they do I know what I am getting my sister for her birthday!(and what I am getting myself for being such a good sister lol).
    Excellent find!

  2. Hello, I manage the Aspire Style website. First of all - thanks for featuring us! Your blog is lovely :) Secondly, as Morgan said - we don't ship to Canada via our website, but we can take orders by email (shop at aspirestyle dot co dot uk) or phone (+44 1789 261 669) if you're interested!

  3. Great to know! That's means that I have a few less Christmas gifts to think about!

    Morgan - We could combine an order with a couple people from our area for cheaper shipping possibly! Let me know if you're interested at all.

  4. I love the purse with the buses and the people walking.


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