Monday, July 26, 2010

RECLAIMED RUSTIC ~ Old Silver Spoons

To be featured as the Reclaimed Rustic item of the week, I chose the old silver spoon. Old siver spoons are a wonderful item to collect or actually use from day to day. Many collectors have their collections on display in proper cabinets or shelves specially built to house spoons. This is great way to display a collection, but it always reminds me of retired old ladies and their collections of spoons, a small token from every state their RV rolled through. Though I've seen beautiful displays and many more beautiful sets of spoons, this is just what comes to mind.

Personally, I find I like to use my spoons. I have quite a few of them actually. Some are just single decorative spoons that I've collected at auctions simply because I liked the pattern or the motif ontop. Others are full sets of teaspoons or little scoops. Whatever their shape, I always find a use for them! I use a decoartive old tablespoon to scoop my coffee instead of a cheap plastic one. And, when I serve tea, each person gets their own little spoon - something that is always a conversation piece. (When we were little we used to all fight over who got the little spoon with the wooden shoes ontop and who got the one with the coo-coo clock when my Oma served tea). Other spoons get tied with pretty ribbon onto jars of homemade shea butter scrubs for gifts or they sit in little apthecary jars by my tub filled with soaking salts.

Whatever their use, an old silver spoon is always more lovely than a regular spoon. It useful while being dainty and prettier at the same time. That's why it's this week's Reclaimed Rustic item.


  1. thank you! I have so many of these inherited from Grandma, and I don't want to put them in a dusty display frame. Use them! Of course!

  2. Even something as simple as a spoon. Something you use just to eat can be artistic.

  3. Where do you find little treasures such as these?


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