Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Deck The Halls ~ Trimming The Tree

I thought I would take the photo of the tree at night. It shows how pretty everything looks all lit up and during the day, taking a photo of a tree that's in a window is quite difficult.

I have a confession. This year, I happened to be walking into Home Depot with my sister-in-law, and I walked out with my Christmas tree. I know! It's so not like me. Normally, when picking out a tree, I like to make a whole outing of it. We have so many beautiful tree farms on our road and I love the idea of walking through the snow, shopping for the absolute perfect specimen. I had every intention of doing exactly the same thing this year, making a real family tradition out of it for my son. But, when I saw the perfect little 3 foot trees for next to nothing, I couldn't leave without one. Since my son is only 1 1/2, I've been having visions of trees falling and decorations shattering for a while now. He's just so curious, and who wouldn't be? I mean there's a giant tree plunked in the middle of our living room - and what's more, they've gone and covered it in all the shiny balls and twinkling lights!

As I passed the display outside, I was actually kind of surprised that they had real trees that small. That's at least one must for me; it has to be real. Anyway, I'm glad I picked one out. It took all of 5 minutes to select. Normally, we'd be out in the field for a good hour, not including the time it would take for my husband, in a display of manly strength, to cut down the actual tree. It reminded me an awful lot of the Grizzwald family scene from the classic "Christmas Vacation" with Chevy Chase. "She'll see it later dear, her eyes are frozen shut."

Anyway, I literally set it in my trunk and came home. My husband set it up (without all the usual stress that comes with trying to stand a 7 foot tree) in a matter or minutes and it only took a short while to trim it. It looks lovely. I had picked up a few new ornaments that I found at Pottery Barn and I used some remaining ephemera-filled glass ornaments that I had made a while back. It's quite simple, which, I think, is why I love it most.

I love that it fits perfectly in my little window seat. It looks lovely all lit up from the road at night, and it's out of the way of my sons curious little hands. The ledge is plenty big enough for me to pile some pretty presents underneath it and what's more, everything is off the floor. It's tucked away in it's cozy little corner of our living room.

I have two boughs of fresh greens hanging from each side window which frame the tree nicely. From them, I hung a simple mercury glass ornament from Pottery Barn.

Instead of a tree topper, which would be a little too big for this tree, I just hung this pretty little "H" for our last name at the top. It's vintage looking and was from Pottery Barn a few years back. I was thrilled that they brought similar ones back this year. I picked one up with each of our initials to hang with our stockings.

These were my favourite little ornaments. They too are from Pottery Barn.

And finally, the little glass ornaments that I made. Some of them are tied with twine, some with lace bits, and others with big, black, grosgrain ribbon.


  1. So pretty Maria! What a lovely tree!

  2. Your little tree is adorable! And every tree needs a holiday home, even the ones at Home Depot!! ;-)
    I really wanted a real tree about that size this year, but ended up with one almost 7 feet, LOL! It was cut wild from the's kind of Charlie Brownish but oh well, I like it.
    Love the Clark Griswold reference, just watched that the other night!


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