Monday, December 13, 2010

Lazy Winter's Day

The cardinals at the side of our house, looking for food on a snowy morning.

We returned in a snow storm last night, from our trip out of town to one of our family Christmas dinners. It was a gorgeous, snowy day on the farm and there was something so cozy about spending the entire afternoon in an old farmhouse, with the wood stove roaring, surrounded by family. Oh, and the turkey dinner, with all the trimmings, including vegetables harvested from their own garden, was amazing as well.

We spent the better part of the afternoon catching up, eating, exchanging gifts, touring the barn and eating some more. It was a lovely day. Willen spent the entire day, running around with his older cousins (or my younger cousins, rather) and couldn't get enough of them. We are so blessed to have such close-knit families on both sides and we never take afternoons like that for granted.

Though it was a relaxing day, we still got home exhausted and were so thankful that we have today off. We welcomed a sleepy morning, big breakfast and cozy fire to watch movies by. I couldn't help but notice the amount of cardinals we have bouncing about our lilac bushes outside, looking for food. They're just so fat and fluffy!

But, today hasn't been a complete waste of a day. We've both been busy organizing and de-cluttering. I'm in the middle of clearing out my "junk room" upstairs and getting it ready to begin it's transformation into our guest room. As well, my husband was busy clearing out a spot in our basement for me, which will soon after become my crafting area. It feels good purging and cleaning. It's refreshing and I'm looking forward to getting started on the decorating!

The latest addition on the farm - the sweetest little bunny rabbits!


  1. Precious little addition! Also want to say it's wonderful to know someone else uses this time of the year to purge and clear out items from the's a great way to start the new year! Being a new follower to your blog, I have to say I'm looking forward to seeing just what you'll do with your "new" old spaces!

  2. Beautiful photo of the cardinals Maria, they are one of my favourite birds. Especially in winter when they stand out so boldly in the white snow! Your post makes me look forward to so much in the next few weeks:) Happy de-cluttering!

  3. Oh how I love anything soft and furry...what a beautiful addition to your farm.


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