Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Home Tour ~ The Gilchrist Home As Featured In Southern Living

[Southern Living]

I love browsing through home tours. It think it takes a great deal of talent and skill to have a house put together enough for a spread like this. I have put together rooms in my house, but I also have secret rooms overflowing with clutter that have yet to be assembled the way I want them to be. One day, I would like my entire house to be in it's place. No junk drawer, not room of clutter, just a neatly organized home that's finished.

Until then, I like to dream away while touring the completed homes of others; like this lovely home belonging to the Gilchrist family, as featured in Southern Living.

What a lovely tree.

I love that she's coordinated her wrappings with her tree, which is also coordinated to the decor of her living room. It's wonderful!

Fresh bits of greenery makes everything so festive!

A lovely vintage-inspired mantel. It's gorgeous.

I'm in love with all this vintage mercury glass.

This is such a great little area of the house. It's formal, yet so cozy. I love the three wreaths hanging from those gorgeous windows! The chairs and foot stool are so great.
Again with the fabulous mix of vintage and rustic, I'm loving it.
This made me so happy when I saw it. Growing up, my Nana, who seemed to have collections of everything imaginable, collected Santa Clause figures. This was just a lovely little surprise in the decor that's so fun.


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL home! It's decorated so magically for the holiday... LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!
    Jo :)

  2. what a very beautiful home - now, where is my Southern Living Magazine...just renewed my subscription & haven't receieved it yet. can't wait to snuggle up & peek through it! xoxo

  3. WOW,what a stunning home! I have to go buy that issue now because I am DYING to see if there are more pics of that home! LOL..

  4. So very chic and sophisticated! LOVE the wreaths in the :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. I just want to cry when I see house tours like this! I want to create my home the same, but alas, my beloved things that are categorized as clutter, prevents me at this time...thank you for reminding me to try.


  6. I love the deer. What is the deer made out of? Fabric. It's really beautiful. I also love the star you have on your Christmas tree.


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