Friday, December 3, 2010

Inspirational Film Set ~ The Holiday

Every now and then I come across a movie that I fall in love with. There aren't that many films that I can stand to watch over and over, but there are a few. One of these such movies is The Holiday (Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black). It's really a wonderful movie. You laugh and cry and laugh and cry some more and just have an overall fabulous time.

But, I must admit something. I spend a lot more time daydreaming through parts of the film than I sometimes do actually watching it. And no, I'm not referring to the parts with the handsome Jude Law. I'm talking about Rosehill Cottage. I would sell everything I have, pack my bags, buy some sheep and move myself out there in a heartbeat. It's everything I dream of when I dream of living in an English cottage. It's everything an English cottage should be! In fact, the entire life style is something I love. Having sheep, the cozy knits and proper Hunter wellies, the rural landscapes and the cozy old towns. It just seems so idyllic. It's part of the reason I love British Country Living... it's all of this! And, they have that special little real estate classified section at the back that has ads for all of these tiny little English cottages. It would be amazing.

For now though, I live vicariously (as I so often find myself doing) through this movie. If you haven't seen it, rent it. Now. Put on your comfiest flannels, make yourself a nice cup of tea, and snuggle up under that huge old knitted blanket and watch it. You'll love it, it's that good... or at least the setting is.

Rosehill Cottage, belonging to Kate Winslet's character in Surrey, England. Could it be any more quaint?? It actually happens to be a real town. I know this because one of my dear friends Steph grew up there, and yes, she still has her accent.

I absolutely love the exposed, low beams of the house and the stunning stone fireplace. It's just oozing comfort!

And again with the beams... and the most gorgeous fireplace right beside the bed - perfect for those chilly, damp winter nights. How romantic!

And finally, my favourite, the bathroom. And more specifically, the tub. It's perfect. I love absolutely everything about this space - how tiny it is, the stonework, the gorgeous soaker tub, the adorable little window.... everything! I wish they would have shown the entire cottage. I guess you'll just have to watch it yourself to view the rest.


  1. That cottage is a dream! I think this may be one of my favorite places in a film. It has definitely influenced my romantic (and unrealistic) notion of living in England.

  2. This is totally one of my favorite movies. I play it year round while I am creating things in my studio or while I am on my treadmill. The music is also gorgeous! I would love to be entered in your drawing! I have you bookmarked on my blog! It's been there awhile! :O) Your little boy is so sweet!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie and am about to watch it again this coming week!! I too fell in love with Rosehill Cottage (I actually like their house in L.A. as well!) My friend Lisa is from Manchester (she just moved back this fall ;( and has the strongest most adorable accent ever!!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for the inside scoop, Maria! his house is awesome!!!! I'm definitely going to rent this DVD-----just to see the house and landscaping!!! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  5. I know what you mean! I love Rosehill cottage! I was watching the DVD a while back & remembered that the directors had seen a cottage similar to it but it was too small to do actual movie filming in. So they made a replica of the cottage with a few other add ins in a village nearby and shot the interiors there. It would be so cute & kitchy to live in! Maybe a vacation some day or a home swap? :)

  6. Oh my goodness...I just watched it for the 100th time last weekend,I LOVE THAT MOVIE...I am like you I watch it for the story but also for the cottage decor...the L.A part doesn't do anything for me!!! Have you ever seen the movie The Whales of August...I watch that for the scenery and the house although its not like the holiday it still captures my heart!!!All the best,Chrissy

  7. I own this movie and absolutely love it! The cottage is such a dream, isn't it?! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics with us, Maria!
    Have a great week!
    ~ Jo :)

  8. I do the same things with movies, I'm always checking out the rooms and decor as well as beautiful scenery. Lovely pictures....I've never seen this movie, it'll be on the list for this year! Have a wonderful day! Heather

  9. Be careful what you wish for! I'm from England and live in such a building, in rural East Anglia. What might look idyllic in a film (I haven’t seen it) might be less inviting in reality. But such, perhaps, is the nature of dreams.
    That bathroom would be horribly cold in Winter, and the fire in the bedroom would probably fill the room with toxic smoke at 03.00 as it dies down - I have experience of this :) - Then all the bedding would stink of smoke for the next week…
    But that said, I consider tea in an English country garden on an idyllic Summer’s day the pinnacle of human civilisation, but the problem is that Summer in England generally lasts for about fifteen minutes. Then it rains.
    Relish your dreams, ladies.

  10. How can you daydream on the parts with Jude Law. All the women love him.

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