Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year Wishes and New Beginnings

via Linen and Lavender

I first began blogging as the start of something new. My ambitions were to finally compose my thoughts, share my passions and inspire my readers to revel in the beauty of each day.

I feel that looking back on the last year, having read each of your lovely comments, that I have been able to accomplish each of those ambitions.

I love the feelings that come with a new year. I love the anticipation of change, the desire to live more fully and the feelings of starting fresh.

As I write this, I am both looking forward to a new beginning, and still slightly unsure if I really want the now to end.

I have decided to finish blogging, if not forever, for a while. I feel as though I'm being called to try some new things this year. I will also be closing my Etsy shop, and what is probably hardest for me, will not be hosting my annual Vintage Tag Sale in the Fall.

It should be understood that I will be leaving these things not for negative reasons, but for ones that I am greatly anticipating.

Ryan and I are happily expecting our second baby this summer. It is so wonderful to share my anticipation with Willen as he looks forward to being a big brother and learns what it will all entail. I look forward to spending the rest of the winter months at home, readying our house for another baby, freshening up the nursery and finishing off as many projects as I can accomplish before the baby arrives (within reason of course!). I look forward to enjoying the spring months without trying to make it to every estate sale I can possibly fit in. Don't get me wrong, I have many pieces I am still hunting down, but for once, I will actually keep them for myself. And for course, I cannot wait to meet our newest addition this summer and spend the rest of the year enjoying the blessings of our newly expanded family.

So, because it's as simple as that, I wish you all the happiest of new years and hope that you too are anticipating new beginnings and all the excitement that comes with a fresh start.

Thank you for being such wonderful readers and for everything this past year and a half. I have enjoyed sharing each and every post with you and look forward to reading about all that will be happening for you in the coming year on your beautiful blogs.

Best wishes,