Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Budding Lilacs

Some days, this is what mothering looks like. 

Today it looked more like a broken television, and dirty hand prints on drawers, and a ripped slipcover, and uneaten lunches, and angry protests that bedtime came and the sun was still shining.

It was a whole lot of lacking patience.

I needed to escape for a few moments and find some peace. So after the bath water was drained, and teeth were brushed and two grumpy boys picked out books to read quietly while the sun went down, I put on a sweater and headed out to the gardens.

Back in December, due to such warm temperatures, I had noticed our Lilacs had actually started producing buds. Another listener that weekend on a CBC garden segement had called in with the same concern I had - would this effect our Lilacs in the coming Spring? The gardening expert simply wasn't sure as it's a very uncommon problem. We would simply need to wait and see.

And so, I've been patiently observing the buds, hoping I wouldn't be denied one of my most favourite joys in Spring.

As I escaped to the garden, the sky glowing red with the setting sun, I found the little bit of joy I was looking for.

There will indeed be blooming Lilacs this Spring.