Monday, July 26, 2021

Historic Garden Tour - Annapolis Royal

I've just finished editing what seems like months of photos. Somehow the summer is nearly half past, and I find my list of posts to write is longer than ever. One of the posts I've been looking forward to sharing with you is a recent visit to the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal. While all of the grounds are beautiful and offer a wide variety of garden styles and colours to enjoy, these are my favourite highlights. It's become a tradition to drive down and visit at the beginning of July, right when the roses are in bloom.

First is the little sitting area and the formal Knot Garden beside it.

The archway that leads into the original Governor's garden is also lovely. I love the boxwoods under these ancient apple trees, and the espaliers growing on the lattice.

I always find the lily pads in the ponds enchanting.

The Old Acadian home is also so interesting to wander around and peek inside, offering a glimpse at what life was like for the first settlers in Nova Scotia.

The Innovation garden is also interesting if you have any sort of kitchen garden. They highlight different planting philosophies and techniques.

And finally, the Rose Garden.

We happened to arrive between showers, and managed to make our way through the grounds while the rain fell softly. The roses were just past their peak, but they were still a sight. Dripping with rain, they seemed to bow every which way, their petals littering the walkways below and their fragrance hanging in the humid air.

As always, just stunning. I highly recommend making the trip if you find yourself in the area.