Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fall in Niagara on the Lake - Part One


My sister got married this past weekend in one of my favourite towns - historic Niagara on the Lake. As it was a morning wedding, I had later in the afternoon to walk around town with the boys. It's not far from where we live, which means I often find myself wandering it's streets. It's quite a tourist destination, so I don't usually do much more than window shop and admire the historic old homes.

Fall and Christmas suit this town perfectly, and this particular Autumn day couldn't have been more perfect. It was cool, but the sun was warm, and the leaves are in full color.

My first stop is usually to pick up a coffee to walk around with, and a perfect Fall day like this meant finally enjoying a Pumpkin Spice latte. The town's Starbucks is in one of the homes built in 1830. It's beyond charming.

From there I just take my time browsing up one side, and then back down the other. I never tire looking in the windows and admiring the beautiful storefronts.

These front planters are simply en point! In fact, next to Stratford, Ontario, Niagara on the Lake has the most beautiful gardens and planters.

The touring ended at the iconic Prince of Wales Hotel. Across the road is a park, and we spent the rest of the daylight swinging on the swings and going up and down the slide.

This is the courthouse where she got married. You can rent out a large ball room and theatre for events. It was a gorgeous venue, but really, the whole town is just the perfect town.

 Tomorrow we will head back and tour the historic homes all dressed for Fall. There was just too much to see and not enough time!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Bachelorette Party

My younger sister is getting married in two days and this past weekend, we got to throw her a bachelorette party!

Now, while there may have been lacy underwear hanging from the mantel, and Rose all around, we kept things classy, but still fun.

As favours we packaged pink and cream macarons, bath bombs and rose clay bath salts.

We also made sugar cookies and decorated them in different frilly lingerie. This was a Pinterest win!

(While making this, my five year old son came in and asked what we were doing. When I said "What do they look like to you?", he replied "Bridges." So we went with that.)

We kept the drinks fun and girly, with Sangria and Rose, and also a pink punch and Italian Sodas.

The panties on a line is something I've done for both of my sister's bachelorettes. It's a fun decoration that doubles as a gift. Plus you can coordinate the colours with the decor.

This Bride to Be banner was found at Homesense.

My sister Becki (left), organized go-karting for us before the party. It was a huge success!

Here's the bride, in a hot pink go-kart to boot!

Starbucks followed and then back to my place for appetizers and chocolate fondue, and the most ridiculous game that involved saying phrases with a crazy plastic mouthpiece. Lots of laughter ensued.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

For the first time, we spent our Thanksgiving long weekend up at the cottage.

The weather was perfect - sunny, and still fairly cool. And the leaves had started changing, and continued to be more vibrant as the week went on.

We spent all day walking the shoreline, lying in the hammocks, reading in the sun room - just enjoying time as a family. My mother in law cooked a full Thanksgiving dinner for us. I made pumpkin and apple pie, which was enjoyed with coffee, every day following.

One of my many, many things to be thankful for are these times when we get away. The cottage is our home away from home. We slow down. We talk. We giggle. We make memories together, forgetting the world beyond the trees and lake. For a few days it's just us. 

I hope your Thanksgiving was just as wonderful.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Happy First Birthday, Jude

This past week. Jude celebrated his first birthday.

How he's possibly one already is beyond me.

It just so happens that my nephew's birthday is only two days later. He was turning two. So, what could be more fun than combining their birthdays for twice the fun?

When I say we had a sort of woodland theme, I'm using the term theme very lightly. We didn't go overboard. Just a few touches here and there to make it special.

We strung pinecones and birch leaves as bunting, tucked some moss under the glass cloches, and kept the florals to mostly greens.

I tend to get a lot of comments that I only use white decorations and kraft paper. It doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'm always prepared and everything always matches. I buy bulk quantities of packaging supplies and decorations and use and reuse them for many different occasions.

I especially love these silver numbers I found at hobby lobby.

We move our dining room seating into the living room, and while things get a little cozy, it always works.

Pretty, yet simple decor at it's finest: kraft takeout boxes for favours, and oak leaves I found in the woods.

This is an antique pine cabinet I picked up a few weeks ago. I'll post more on it soon.

If you follow me on instagram, you'll know I've been working on setting up this corner.

A simple drink station for coffee and punch.

It was an after church lunch, so the menu was simple:
An assortment of sandwiches and a BLT cobb salad.

For dessert, birthday cake, mini cupcakes and chocolate and pistachio macarons.

To add to the woodland theme, I topped the cake with meringue mushrooms.

So much fun!

I loved this shot.
After he opened our gift, he climbed on top and loudly warned nobody to touch it!