Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our First Snowfall

All Photos - The Grower's Daughter

It began this afternoon, gently, without any sound.

Our first snowfall.

A delicate blanket of white draped itself over our evergreens and cedars as the snow fell softy to the ground.

We didn't know how long it would stay and brighten our gloomy day, so we bundled as fast as we could, and we raced outside to greet our beautiful reminded that Winter is right around the corner.

Willen made his first snow angel. We read about how to make them in one of his library books and he's been patiently waiting to practise ever since.

Sopping wet, and a bit chilly, we finally decided to come inside (something that didn't take much more convincing than a warm cup of hot chocolate). Unfortunately, I found myself completely unprepared! I have no instant mix, cocoa or milk - let alone marshmallows or candy canes! How did that happen? I guess I need to stock up for winter.

Looks like daddy is going to be bringing us home a Venti Peppermint Hot Chocolate to share.

We'll be ready next time!

Christmas Decor - A Rustic Christmas


As promised, here is my final set of inspirations:
A Rustic Christmas.

I can't help being drawn to the simplicity of this style, but also to the vintage charm.

I love the look of fresh greenery and potted trees tucked in a home full of old, beautiful things.

I find with this style, the seasonal decorating becomes less of the focus of a room, and more complimentary to it. It doesn't take over a space, but rather blends in here and there, adding bits of holiday cheer to each space.

Here are some beautiful rustic spaces decorated perfectly for the holiday season.

House and Home

Simple small trees, in simple milk jugs, with simple white lights.


Obviously a simple potted tree in a metal bucket is a popular choice and I can see why! It's so easy to do, and it looks so pretty. In the background, thin boughs make perfect accents to the tops of vents and windows, and form perfectly delicate wreaths.


More simple holiday decor from the same kitchen.


A pretty topiary adds a bit of festiveness, without looking typically Christmas.

Country Living

A simple holiday greeting strung from a cabinet.


I love paperwhites and other pretty white bulbs in old metalware, or even ironstone!


Again, a simple, rustic kitchen perfectly decorated for the holidays. I love the bits of red, including the red-striped linens, the simple wreaths, and again, more bulbs in a rustic urn. It's simple and perfect.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Decor - A White Christmas

Better Homes and Gardens

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an attraction to all things white. It's quite ridiculous actually, and has become a definite joke amongst family and friends.

What can a girl do?

I simply like white.

So of course you can imagine that quite a lot of my seasonal decor is white, making it very easy to pull off a White Christmas. Here are some lovely rooms to inspire just that.


I love simple greenery and white.

Jonathan Klunk

Frosted boughs make for a beautiful mantel, though it's not quite simple enough for my own personal tastes. I do love the boxwood in the urns though!

A large tree, trimmed with a few scattered ornaments is still nice... I don't need a lot of decorations on my tree. I also love the lanterns and candles placed around the room for an ambient glow.


This truly white tree, all frosted and glowing, is beautiful. It's a gorgeous focal point, but it still blends nicely with the all white decor. Being frosted, and full of sparkle also lends nicely to the space and compliments the ruffled chair covers and pretty chandeliers.

Country Living
More on the vintage side, these pretty bottle brush trees, displayed collectively, with only a few decorations, make for a pretty white vignette. They look lovely tucked underneath the stairs.


And a beautiful white tablescape complete with white candelabras, pretty white ribbons and silvery accents would make for a lovely dinner party or Christmas dinner.

Later this week, in hopes of finally coming up with a style for this Christmas season, I will feature some inspirations for a Rustic Christmas. There are some beautiful rooms I can't wait to share.

I'm in the middle of getting my rooms cleaned and ready for decorating and then, early next week we'll be off to hunt down the perfect tree and deck the halls!

Have a lovely week.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Decor - A Natural Christmas


I  love this room with it's dark wood, white walls and gold details (Similar shades are found in my living room). The topiaries and pots of moss add the perfect natural touch without feeling too "Christmassy".

In hopes of finding some inspiration for the quickly approaching holiday season, I have begun looking through photos to decide on this year's theme.

I prefer to keep my decorating fairly simple. I don't like have the space for a huge tree, and ornate decorations just don't work well with a two year old. Also, who needs the extra dusting?

On the other side, I do like trimming a tree, decking the halls and adding some festive cheer to our home.

So, what kind of Christmas would I like this year?

A rustic Christmas with woven baskets full of scented pine cones, sap bucks full of fresh cut greenery, and simple seedlings with twinkle lights?

Or maybe, a pretty white Christmas with glittering glass ornaments, frosted mantel boughs and pretty packages with plump white bows?

Or, how about a natural Christmas with ironstone full of blooming paper whites, fresh fruit tucked amongst the greenery and bouquets of fresh flowers?

To start, here are some pretty inspirations for a perfectly Natural Christmas. Next week I will be sharing some inspirations for a Rustic Christmas, and a White Christmas.

How do you plan to decorate for the holiday?


I love gold frames and I think that fresh greenery compliments it so beautifully. I love the assortments of clippings used here - and it looks a little more structured and full than typical white pine or cedar boughs. It's almost more of an arrangement. The pears are a nice addition and add perfect pops of a brighter green.

Simple is always stylish and beautiful. The simple swag on the mantel, and the simple boxwood wreath are just enough to make this space feel festive. The potted white Poinsettia is also a nice touch, as are the fresh tulips which add a bit of freshness to the room.
Country Living

Here is an example of natural Christmas decor with a bit of a primitive touch. Again, the fruit tucked amongst the mantel and simple pine boughs.They work well with the gray walls and make the room even more cozy.
Mid West Living

And finally, more mantels. This time, with a few pine cones and some Granny Smith apples for pops of vibrant green. Sweet and simple.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Day In The Country - Antique and Vintage Show

All Photos - The Grower's Daughter

I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

This morning, my parents and I drove out to Caledonia for what was to be an amazing antique and vintage sale: A Day in the Country. It was a collaboration of some of my favourite vendors and I was pretty sure it wasn't going to disappoint.

And it most certainly did not.

I did take my camera along to snap some photos, but being a rather dark (though surprisingly cozy) Quanza hut, they aren't the prettiest. However, they will at least give you an idea of what I got to browse all morning!


PS. The show is on again tomorrow. See this previous post for details:

Only Kim and her husband could make a Quanza hut this inviting. Recognize those gorgeous urns?

The booths were full of a variety of things: Chippy rustic pieces, 19th century antiques, painted furniture and architectural details.

Beautiful things filled vignettes everywhere you looked.

This was one of my favourites. I just loved this little blue cupboard (though there were a dozen beautiful cupboards, any of which I would have taken home!), and the medicine cabinet, but especially that garden rabbit. Oh, and I did come home with a pretty little white cupboard, but I will post photos of that next week.

She always has the most curious collections of things and as a result, it usually takes me a long time to browse through everything. Of course, she pulls it all together beautifully as well, coming up with perfect displays.

I believe this was another vendors cabinet, and it was also quite nice - it was a faint green.

Until I looked at this photo, I didn't realize I had missed that lamp! I've been looking for one similar to it and now I wish I would have seen it.

And another beautiful piece - this one was very old, and very gorgeous. I was particularly amazed at her collection of ironstone. She has some extremely unique pieces, and some very old pieces. It's always so tempting!

Isn't the wear just perfect on this piece?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Tiffany Hechner Dixon
What a pretty little vignette.

 It's Wednesday today, and a general not-feeling-like-doing-much-of-anything kind of day.

I've washed our linens and will eventually get around to some much needed vacuuming, but for now I think I might snuggle a while with Willen under our duvet and read together. Though the temperatures are mild for November, the drizzling rain and dreary skies are making us feel a little lazy this morning.

Here are some beautiful images to inspire you.

I love the simplicity of this stairway, and the perfect contrast of the dark, rich woods and the bright, crisp whites. I love the collection of framed artwork (something I always have my eye out for), and I would love to find that exact bench and pretty cushions - It's perfect!

Justine Taylor
I can't think of a cozier place to curl up on a day like today. It just needs a lush knitted throw and a warm cup of tea.

Justine Taylor
Another great Butchers Pantry! I love so much about this space... where to start?

1- That sofa. It's gorgeous.
2- The cream walls with beautiful built-ins and ceiling details.
3 - The runner. I've been looking for something just like this for when we remove the carpeting in our hall.
4- The Dutch door in the background!
5 - If this space had a sink - say in the white cabinet in the front right of the photo, this would make the perfect space for arranging fresh flowers.
6 - The storage without the look of storage: Notice the simple hooks under the painting to the left? And all those simple bins that could house so many different things. The umbrella bucket and all the doors on the table?

Martha Stewart
I always think this is a dramatic looking kitchen. I love the rich wood counters and the simple white cabinets, but I think it's the old hardware, the fantastic faucet and the striking floors that make this kitchen so pretty.

And finally, (seemingly opposite to my own personal style!) this pretty writing desk. I'm white walls all the way, but something about these dark, charcoal walls makes this little space so cozy and warm. The desk is a beautiful piece (though I would find a different chair), and the whole little set up is perfectly inviting. I would actually incorporate this into my home!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reed Photography: A Vintage Table and A Bridal Shower

All Photos - Reed Photography

I would love to share a few beautiful images from the talented Reeds of Reed Photography.

I met Shane and Jenny at my first vintage sale. I remembered them particularly because they paid attention to the detailed work I put into styling the event - something I took as a huge compliment.

Soon after, I got a call from the couple to come out and style a tablescape for the launching of their new website. I couldn't have been more thrilled. I packed my truck (literally) with a load of vintage treasures and made my way out to their home in the midst of a gorgeous valley near by. We fought mosquito's until the sun went down, but I had a blast!

You can view the gorgeous album here on their website.

The next time I got to work with these two was for a local wedding event. They had a fabulous idea for a booth at a show and were looking for some vintage pieces. I couldn't have been happier to help! Didn't they do a gorgeous job on the booth? It's so not a typical wedding booth - something I would have been instinctively drawn to. The dresser is now in Willen's room and this was my old coffee table, however soon after this, it sold.

Finally, Jenny was amazing and captured some of a bridal shower I recently hosted. We have a wonderful Worship Pastor who recently married an amazing woman, Kayla, and we wanted to welcome her to Canada (they're from the States), and show her how happy we are for them.

Of course, I was busy arranging food, and making tea, and didn't have time to take any photos. I was particularly glad that Jenny brought her camera along and happily photographed the afternoon for me!

In short, this couple is an amazing team and they are truly talented. They've got a beautifully modern, yet classic style that makes for amazing photos and their work honestly speaks for itself.

If you're looking for a wedding or portrait photographer in the Niagara Region, please check out their website. You won't be disappointed!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Burning Beauty and The Last Rose

All Photos - The Grower's Daughter

Last night, while Willen was busy being bathed and read to by my mom, Nona, I decided to pop out for a quick trip to Chapters with my sister.

I think I could spend hours there.

A typical visit begins with my picking up a latte from the in-house Starbucks, before heading to the kids section. On my way, I'm able to sneak a glossy new issue of something enticing, like British Country Living, and settle into an arm chair while Willen plays at the wooden train table. It's actually quite a nice little outing that we do fairly often. Mommy gets to enjoy her coffee and a good read, while Willen socializes with the other kids and plays with his favourite little trains.

However, it never seems like we're able to actually make it out of the children's section.

Last night I went beyond the towering gate of classic books, and out of the realm of life size animals.
I made it to the rest of the store.

I browsed the beautiful new cookbooks and the recently released issues of favourite decorating books. I flipped through all of the November issues of favourite publications and browsed the packets of stationary. I tested favourite creams, and smelled each new holiday candle. I ran my hands across smooth cashmere pashminas and lush knitted throws.

I even made it to the clearance rack.
Oh how I love the clearance rack at Chapters!

I found a McBlooms body wash that was 50% off (a favourite scent), a set of 6 Lucia goats milk guest soaps that was 75% off, and the most exciting, a Lollia candle in the most beautiful scent I've smelled.

It's called When the Leaves Turn No. 85, and it smells exactly like a room full of freshly arranged flowers. It's actually quite amazing how similar the two smell. I don't often find scented candles that I love enough to burn through (not to mention pay for), so I tend to stock up on cream pillar candles. But this particular scent is heavenly, and it was also 50% off!

Do you have a favourite smell, a staple candle you stock up on, or a signature scent?

Lollia is by Margot Elena, also the creator of Tokyo Milk.

This size retails for $22.99.

I also snipped the last bloom of my climbing roses this morning. It was actually faintly hailing while I did so.

The roses are called Peace and they're a delicate yellow with hints of fucia. I thought they were suiting as today is Remembrance Day.