Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween

The sun did decide to make an appearance, and the result was a perfect evening for trick-or-treating. It also meant that I could snap a few photos of the living room again in better light.

On Halloween day I move all of our pumpkins to the front entrance. I find that they last a little longer now outside in the cool weather, and the house becomes a clean slate again, ready to be dressed up for Christmas - though that won't happen until the first of December.

I found so many great varieties this year!

This year Willen went dressed as Spider Man.

Hudson went out as Gecko from PJ Masks and Jude stayed in and slept while I handed out candy.

Here you can see how far our entrance is finished. We were advised to let it weather until Spring and then paint it. Also, we still have to find a light fixture and new screen door. One day I will get around to showing you that process.