Tuesday, April 14, 2020

easter inspiration - martha stewart

If ever there was a time when we could all use a little inspiration for pulling together a holiday, it's now, when we're confined to our homes and are limited to the resources we have on hand. And if there was ever one to inspire us, it's Martha Stewart. So when I found myself a little lost as to how I was going to make our Easter feel as normal as possible, I turned to my collection of old Living magazines. I pulled all of the April issues out and set them on the coffee table. When I found myself feeling a little down, or needing a little pick me up, I'd make a cup of tea and sit down and flip through an old issue (or three). They never fail to bring me joy. Thankfully I had gathered most of their Easter candy and things the week before we needed to isolate, so I had that covered. I was able to work with the food we had for the most part, save the ham, which I had purchased when I had done groceries the week before. And the table? I pulled together what I had and thankfully, had a little extra time on my hand to make it feel special.

I had prepared these photos days before Easter as so many of you responded to the photos of the old issues when I posted them, and this book, when I had shared it weeks ago. Even though Easter is now past, I'm posting it anyway. If anything, they'll still bring inspiration next year.

These photos are from her book Martha's Entertaining - A Year of Celebrations.

I love colours of these eggs. We died a few this year and I was happy with how they turned out, mainly because of the lack of colour! A few years ago I started hiding a large chocolate in golden foil for each boy. I make it extra challenging and they love hunting for it.

She has a beautiful collection of antique chocolate molds.

A leg of lamb - something I've never made before.

A pretty Easter tree (we made our first this year) and a gorgeous citrus tart.

One of my favourite of the Easter photos - I just love a beautiful buffet.

Her property with an abundance of Daffodil bulbs in bloom.

I'm definitely going to be planting bulbs this fall around of yard.

And this brought the inspiration for having tea on Sunday.