Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Potted Hydrangeas

Anyone who knows me, even just through reading this blog, knows that one of my favourite things are Hydrangeas.

I fill my gardens with them and when they sleep for the winter months, I have a fairly regular order with our flower man for cut Hydrangeas to enjoy inside.

During the weeks leading up to Spring, occasionally I'm lucky enough to get my hands on giant potted Hydrangeas from Costco. These are the largest, most gorgeous potted Hydrangeas I find anywhere. Some years we have them at the shop, but they're pretty rare, and usually the customers get first dibs.

I was so excited this week, while popping in to grab some staples, that I probably squealed out loud when I noticed them in a few buggies! I quickly made a bee line over to the single cart they had and then spent the next twenty minutes trying to decide which were my favourite. I had two white ones, but after much deliberation (way more than a decision like that should have required), I settled on one white and one light pink. I actually really like the pink, especially in an all white room.

See how large and full they are?

I made sure to pick one with lots of new growth, and tighter buds, and I water it regularly as it needs a lot of water. I do love the various shades of pink.

But of course, I love the white too. This one is sitting in our family room in a giant basket by our media cabinet.