Friday, June 5, 2015

Graceful Peonies

I love that there is barely anything left on display in my home, and yet, it doesn't seem to bother me when there is a vase full of Peonies from the garden, gracing the table.

They are beauty enough to look at.

Last night, after evening rains cooled the humid air, the Peonies in bloom were bowed low to the ground, water droplets clinging to their feather-like petals.

The ants are still busy, opening the reminding buds.

I'm always amazed at how such luscious blooms come from such small, compact buds.

I clipped a bouquet for my night table.

This particular variety is Duchesse de Nemours.

I have a few different varieties in my gardens. Six of them are in boom now, and three more are later bloomers.

From top to bottom;
Alexander Fleming
Festiva Maxima and Shirley Temple
Bowl of Cream
Duchesse de Nemours

Sarah Bernhardt, Primevere and Lillian Wind

Here you can see just how large the Bowl of Cream blooms are. They are nearly bowl-sized.

I'm reading up on when it's appropriate to divide and transplant Peonies, and if it's something I can do before we leave. However, I kind of feel as though I would like to live in my new garden for a while, and take my time getting to know what's there. Then I can start fresh. And after all, each of these varieties were from local garden centers, so I can always find them again.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pop Up Shop - Bremfield's

For anyone local, I thought I'd let you know that my dad has caught Spring fever, and has decided to empty their cottage and clean out the shop.

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8-5.
Under the tent.

91 Main St. West
Port Colborne, ON

After setting up, I snapped a couple photos with my phone to show you some of what's being sold.

Be sure to pop into the actual shop and take a look around. They just got in more potted Hydrangeas and Lavender Standards. 

They also have a selection of homemade pies and other baked goods.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Packing and First Peonies

I feel like these last few weeks before the move are flying by. However, I do feel quite organized so far. I have to say, the house is looking quite sparse. It's mostly only essentials remaining now, as most everything else is either donated or packed away.

I've been patiently waiting for my Peonies to open, and with the last few cool days, they're taking their sweet time. I would have been very sad to leave them behind and not enjoy one last beautiful season of blooms. I'm fairly certain I have nothing to worry about though, and hope that within the next few days, they will all have opened, and will be a wonderful send off.

The very first blooms, in the sunniest of spots, have already opened. So the rest will follow soon.

This is the walk up to our front entrance. It's lined with Sarah Bernhardt Peonies. So many blooms!

Today, between filling boxes, I decided to sit for a while and enjoy the soft rain and flip through some books for more ideas.

My shelves are all bare now, with only a few lamps, mirrors and of course, vases throughout the house. They'll be one of the last things packed as I intend to enjoy my cuttings for as long as possible.