Friday, June 5, 2015

Graceful Peonies

I love that there is barely anything left on display in my home, and yet, it doesn't seem to bother me when there is a vase full of Peonies from the garden, gracing the table.

They are beauty enough to look at.

Last night, after evening rains cooled the humid air, the Peonies in bloom were bowed low to the ground, water droplets clinging to their feather-like petals.

The ants are still busy, opening the reminding buds.

I'm always amazed at how such luscious blooms come from such small, compact buds.

I clipped a bouquet for my night table.

This particular variety is Duchesse de Nemours.

I have a few different varieties in my gardens. Six of them are in boom now, and three more are later bloomers.

From top to bottom;
Alexander Fleming
Festiva Maxima and Shirley Temple
Bowl of Cream
Duchesse de Nemours

Sarah Bernhardt, Primevere and Lillian Wind

Here you can see just how large the Bowl of Cream blooms are. They are nearly bowl-sized.

I'm reading up on when it's appropriate to divide and transplant Peonies, and if it's something I can do before we leave. However, I kind of feel as though I would like to live in my new garden for a while, and take my time getting to know what's there. Then I can start fresh. And after all, each of these varieties were from local garden centers, so I can always find them again.


  1. They are stunning! I love peonies and would love to have some in our garden one day. There were some beautiful pink peonies along our neighbors' driveway, which is right next to our driveway. Their blooms were beautiful and they would let me cut them so I could enjoy them in the house. But one day, the neighbors (who no longer live here) decided they wanted to replace the gorgeous peonies with compact holly bushes. Can you imagine? What a travesty. There must have been a couple of peonies that weren't completely pulled up because year after year they kept coming back, until eventually they didn't. They were tenacious, those peonies, and for that I loved them even more.

    1. A gasp may have escaped when I read that... I will miss them when we move, but it won't be long before I add them to our new gardens. They are a staple for me. It was worth the extra waiting to be able to stay a little longer and watch them bloom. I would have been sad to leave without enjoying them one last season.

  2. Everything so white and perfect; I found you via Pinterest, and I love your BLOG! Anita


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