Friday, September 17, 2010

Gone Junking - Little Britain, Ontario

I have another wedding to attend out of town this weekend - this time in the quaint little cottage town, on the Trent system, called Bobcaygeon. While we're up there, I plan on getting in some last minute buying before the sale. This will be my last time up there until after the sale, and I've been patiently waiting to get a lot of the small items until closer to the date, for storage reasons.
Anyway, there's one shop in particular that I'm really looking forward to exploring through. And I mean exploring quite literally, as you will see from the photos. It's one of my favourites! It's ridiculously overcrowded with the most random assortment of stuff. I imagine it's actually quite an eye sore to the poor neighbors, and known throughout the area as being infamously "junky". To me - that means it's a goldmine! Oh the things I came across in the short time I spent climbing through on my last visit. I have a few specifics that I plan on getting, but I'm really just looking forward to seeing what I can find again!
Since most of you can't make it out there, take a look at the photos. They don't nearly do it justice, for I'm afraid you have to be in the thick of it to truly appreciate the amount of junk in this place! I can't wait share my treasures when I return! Wish me luck, and happy hunting!

This is the view from the street - stuff literally comes right up to the sidewalk!

I'm giddy just looking through these again! How many fabulous junk finds can you spot in this photo??

It's a junk queens paradise!

RECLAIMED RUSTICS ~ The Vintage Suitcase

This week featured as the Reclaimed Rustic is the vintage suitcase. Personally, there's something very curious about an old trunk or suitcase. I think they're such fantastic vintage pieces. I don't know if it's that old musty smell that's so appealing, or the idea of packing your belongings into a big, gorgeous trunk, sometimes with various compartments. Or perhaps, rather in fact, I think it's the idea that someone one actually used the piece. Not just used it, but carefully stored their most personal possessions in it, for safe keeping. To make it even better, for safe keeping while traveling! Whenever I come across an old trunk or suitcase, which is actually quite often, I can't help but find myself wondering who the piece belonged to, what kinds of things it held and the places it ventured to. It really is quite neat. It may not have belonged to anyone particularly important, or housed anything of great value - it's still interesting nonetheless!

So... new uses for these charming pieces? Well obviously no one travels with trunks anymore, I mean could you imagine walking through the airport with one? You'd look quite ridiculous - not to mention the fact that you'd probably attract a lot of unwanted attention from airport security! But, just because they're not conveniently used in the way they were originally designed, doesn't mean they still don't have a use today.

I use mine for decoration and one very large, very gorgeous old one as a coffee table in my sitting room. Below, there are some other creative options.


Stacked together for height, which only adds to the character, they make fabulous side tables.

Over at, she's provided you with a detailed tutorial on how to paint then white for a fresher, cottage chic look!

Set atop a small end table, the suitcase gives it height and character.

How great is this planter??

And for those of you who are really daring, turn it into a craft box! Conveniently stored craft supplies minimize clutter and make crafting so much more easier - everything is all in one place! And, let's be honest, how much do you love the look of this? It makes you want to get all crafty doesn't it?
This one is mine - in my living room, being used as a coffee table.

So despite being not-so-practical as a piece of luggage, clearly, the vintage suitcase can still be repurposed in many fabulous ways!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Alright ladies! It's FINALLY just around the corner. I've been stock piling my findings in every possible place for the last year, patiently waiting!
The Growers Daughter is hosting it's first annual Vintage Tag Sale!

Saturday the 2nd of October

(rain date - the 9th)

9 o'clock in the morning until 5 o'clock in the afternoon

no. 183 Canboro Road
Ridgeville, Ont. - L0S 1M0

I've got a few piles of white enamelware with red rims - perfect for Christmas!

Lots of old books and shutters for decorating.

There will be a selection of handmade pillows, totes and other things - very French Vintage!

Piles of vintage ephemera including pre-made packets (perfect for crafting), sheet music, old book pages and letters.

An assortment of vintage linens including monogrammed napkins, duvet covers and table clothes.

Charming old books!

Jars full of old silver and metal ware - mismatched and tarnished, just the way we like it!

Some salvaged architectural details including corbels, spindles, old shutters, wooden windows and old frames!

Little apothecary bits like lavender sachets and bars of handmade soap will be throughout the displays as well, also perfect for hostess gifts!

How happy does this man look!? It's because he just spend a day surrounded by such wonderful vintage findings - and he came away with an armful of gorgeous flowers!

There will be a small Marche de Fleur (Flowers Market) set up boasting hand-tied bouquets and gorgeous centerpieces for your thanksgiving tablescapes!
Also, there will be a small cafe set up. The perfect place for you to grab a freshly brewed cup of coffee or hot local cider and enjoy a freshly baked treat. Homemade frozen pies and treats will also be available for the hosts who want all the homey goodness of Thanksgiving without all the work!
If you weren't excited for fall already, this will do the trick!

Of course, since it's just around the corner, there will be some Christmas items through the yard as well - It'll be here before you know it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BROWSE LIST ~ Open Air Living, (Author Unknown) Ryland Peters and Small

On my last trip up to the lake I browsed through a fantastic book called Open Air Living. I can't remember who the author is, unfortunately, but it was a Ryland, Peters and Small publication. It's full of the most lovely little spots, perfect for enjoying the outdoors!
Here are some of my favourites. Looking through them again makes me a little sad that summer is leaving. But, it's a bittersweet feeling, because fall is approaching (rather quickly, I might add!). Just look at the photo above and think about all the lovely things fall, like summer, has to offer for us to enjoy outdoors!

The perfect place to lounge with a good book!

An ideal place for an afternoon nap.

What a wonderful place to dine Al Fresco.

A bathe in a quaint little river - unlikely? Yes, but idyllic nonetheless!

Such a rustic looking pool! It's my dream pool. It reminds me of something you'd find at an old chateau in the French countryside!

A naturally beautiful entrance way.

Could there be a more relaxing way to spend an afternoon? How fantastic are those cushions and that old fishing box?

Tea for two in a meadow - how cozy!

It would seem impossible to run out of inspiration when writing from a place such as this!

... or even this!

And how much do you love this little iron bench??

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fabulous Finds - ... At IKEA?

Okay, let's get one thing straight before I have an inbox full of hate mail: I like IKEA. I really do. I just don't find I'm drawn to as much of their things anymore. I can appreciate the fact that you can find stylish items that are budget and environmentally friendly. I just like older pieces with a little more character, that's all. But, this past week, I made a trip out to buy some curtain panels (a great selection for cheap prices) and to see the new collections. I was actually very surprised when I found these three items below. They have such a vintage feel to them and they were so cheap!! I was actually very very excited to share them with you!
Pretty glassware with a little etched bud.

Floursack tea towels with red stripe - very French Country!
$0.49 (I know !!!)

White and beige linen material - great for sewing crafts!