Friday, September 17, 2010

RECLAIMED RUSTICS ~ The Vintage Suitcase

This week featured as the Reclaimed Rustic is the vintage suitcase. Personally, there's something very curious about an old trunk or suitcase. I think they're such fantastic vintage pieces. I don't know if it's that old musty smell that's so appealing, or the idea of packing your belongings into a big, gorgeous trunk, sometimes with various compartments. Or perhaps, rather in fact, I think it's the idea that someone one actually used the piece. Not just used it, but carefully stored their most personal possessions in it, for safe keeping. To make it even better, for safe keeping while traveling! Whenever I come across an old trunk or suitcase, which is actually quite often, I can't help but find myself wondering who the piece belonged to, what kinds of things it held and the places it ventured to. It really is quite neat. It may not have belonged to anyone particularly important, or housed anything of great value - it's still interesting nonetheless!

So... new uses for these charming pieces? Well obviously no one travels with trunks anymore, I mean could you imagine walking through the airport with one? You'd look quite ridiculous - not to mention the fact that you'd probably attract a lot of unwanted attention from airport security! But, just because they're not conveniently used in the way they were originally designed, doesn't mean they still don't have a use today.

I use mine for decoration and one very large, very gorgeous old one as a coffee table in my sitting room. Below, there are some other creative options.


Stacked together for height, which only adds to the character, they make fabulous side tables.

Over at, she's provided you with a detailed tutorial on how to paint then white for a fresher, cottage chic look!

Set atop a small end table, the suitcase gives it height and character.

How great is this planter??

And for those of you who are really daring, turn it into a craft box! Conveniently stored craft supplies minimize clutter and make crafting so much more easier - everything is all in one place! And, let's be honest, how much do you love the look of this? It makes you want to get all crafty doesn't it?
This one is mine - in my living room, being used as a coffee table.

So despite being not-so-practical as a piece of luggage, clearly, the vintage suitcase can still be repurposed in many fabulous ways!

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  1. I love how you take suitcases and make them into art. You are really talented and creative Maria.


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