Monday, June 6, 2011

Wedding One - Rebecca and Nathan

[All Photos - The Grower's Daughter, and Family]

As promised, here are a few photos from our first wedding, my sister's, this past Friday.

I was in the wedding party, and when I wasn't busy with pictures and other duties, I was styling the set up for the reception which took place in the same barn afterwards. It was so busy that I just didn't have time to take as many photos as I would have liked, but I was busy with more important things!

It was quite literally the perfect day. The weather was as good as it could possibly be and everything went as planned and looked gorgeous. Really, the photos don't nearly do it justice.

Congratulations Rebecca and Nathan!

She was the most stunning bride in her antique white dress that was simple and elegant. Her veil was trimmed in pretty lace and she wore a simple strand of pearls. Isn't she gorgeous?

She carried a simple bouquet of luscious cream and soft pink peonies tied with lace.

This was the reception in the barn. There was awful fluorescent lights (hence the horrible lighting in the photos), so we hung strands of garden party lights which made the ambiance so romantic.

The tables were simple with cream tablecloths, truffle brown napkins and a burlap table runner. The guests got homemade biscotti as a favour, which was made by my mom.

We stenciled the table runners with a monogram which really personalized them.

The front of the barn was decorated with old sap buckets full of white Hydrangeas and cream Garden Roses, as well as huge bundles of curly willow.

I used old windows as place settings and my chalkboards to write out the menus for the evening.

This was the entrance she walked through during the ceremony, and then all of us again later for the reception.

Old mason jars with zinc lids were filled with peonies and placed around the barn, on tables and in the windows which made the whole barn smell so lovely.

Our bouquets - cream Antique Garden Roses.

The head table was decorated with all of my old crates and ironstone, carriers and anything else I had stored in my garage!

I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for dessert, which matched the cream and brown colours.

As well, I did her wedding cake. It's a vanilla bean cake with vanilla buttercream and a chocolate truffle filling between one layer and a Robin's egg blue buttercream filling between the other layer.

And because I couldn't resist - my son. He was the ring bearer and he was just the most handsome little guy ever! I was so proud.

They were the happiest couple, and really are the perfect pair.


  1. Maria, beautiful photos...gorgeous bride...amazing did a wonderful job with everything you touched! I've got a lump in my throat...I'm hopeless! Robx

  2. GORGEOUS photos!!! The wedding looked absolutely beautiful! And your son was the cutest!!!
    Have a lovely week.

  3. The bride is stunning as well as all of the decor. I would love for one of my girls to decide they want something like this when they get married.

    I agree that your son is a doll!

  4. Looks so Romantic! Your lil guy is darling~Cheers Kim

  5. OMGosh! This is absolutely gorgeous...the bride and the barn! Sometimes I wish I could do mine all over different it would be. :)

  6. Your sister is so beautiful and the wedding gorgeous. I love the monogrammed burlap runner, the jars filled with flowers and the way you styled the head table. Oh, and the lights! So romantic. So beautiful!

  7. Dearest Maria,

    What a handsome couple and a cute ring bearer! You can be so proud of many things. You act like being a born 'sentipede' for being able to do so many things WELL!

    Lots of love,


  8. Oh my goodness, it is all so perfect. Your sister is gorgeous and your son is sooo handsome and you are sooo talented. The barn looks amazing and the flowers are stunning in their simplicity, you should be proud! Love Linda x

  9. So romantic !!! wonderfulll....enjoy this week

  10. stunning! congratulations to your sister and her new husband! (your son is adorable!)

  11. Everything looks beautiful! Wow, what a lot of work! I bet it was fun though, especially it being your sister's wedding. I love the burlap, stenciling, galvanized buckets, flowers.....eveything!

  12. Everything looks great! Love the idea of getting married in a barn!

  13. Congrates to the wedding couple... What surprise me is the about the menu..written...'nasi goreng' it's a Malay cuisine. Never knew that it was a special treat for the wedding ceremony. For we Malaysians usually have it during breakfast. Anyway it was a nice and beautiful setting for the ceremony eventhough it was held in the barn, so romantic.....

  14. The wedding really was perfect! Did you see my pics yet? Beck was gorgeous ~ I LOVED her dress! And Willen was priceless... poor little guy getting woken up just to stand in front of a barn full of people! lol Can't blame him for crying! But he sure cheered up quick enough! Anyway, great pics Maria, and great job on all the decorating... it really was awesome!

  15. You are so talented. Love it all
    Best Carolyn

  16. What an amazing job you done and what a gorgeous couple. The barn was amazing and I loved how you styled it all.
    Ness xx

  17. We had a lovely country wedding almost 20 years ago, and now I want to do it all over again. Your photos are lovely, lighting or not, and your styling is just so very pretty! They make a pretty couple and all the best to them! Your little one is a real sweetie, and reminds me of my boys at that age with the suspenders.

  18. Your son was a great choice for the ring bearer. The tie looks really good on him.


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