Friday, April 5, 2013

An Easter Dinner and A New Buffet

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Easter weekend.
We had a wonderful time hosting dinner on Good Friday for both sides of our family.
Our family is a huge part of our lives. We're blessed to be so close, in both distance and relationship. It's something we are always thankful for.
But most importantly, we're thankful for the grace and love of a Saviour who bore our sins, died for us, defeated death and rose again so we can have eternal life.
The Lilies are still blooming and fill the whole house with the most beautiful aroma. I added a few Pussy Willow branches and some bits of Grape Vine to make the arrangement a little more natural and whimsical. It went well with the natural elements like the blown quail eggs and found nests from a previous post.

I picked up this gorgeous buffet from an auction a couple weekends ago. It's stunning. It's dark and in perfect condition. It's got beautiful carved details and adds warmth against the white walls.

My collection of ironstone pitchers has grown by a few pieces so I grouped them together on my china cabinet.



The boys enjoyed an Easter egg hunt... Though Willen was the only one old enough to actual find and eat the hidden treats. Luckily he had lots of help though!


Levi is getting so big. Getting a smile out of him is exhausting, but this look is just as cute!

The boys are getting so big. Hudson is crawling around, pulling himself up to explore and copying everything his big brother does.


  1. Oh my gosh, that face the baby is making is just too adorable!!!

  2. The table looks lovely and the little guys are handsome!

  3. Your table looks beautiful!LOVE your buffet too!Quite a lovely collection of ironstone.
    Sweet photo of your boys too!

  4. Your boys, your house, and that buffet are gorgeous!! Glad it was a great Easter.

  5. I never did send you a picture of the grainsack pillows and candle cozies I made with the feedsacks I bought from your lovely store on Etsy. I love how you have come back to your blog and love the warm against the white in your house. I check your blog often, and like you, have two sons, now 14 1/2 and 12. Thank you posting the true meaning of Easter, Maria. I admire the women bloggers who are steadfast in faith and creative in life. With love, Alissa


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