Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Greener Clean

I have to admit, when it comes to cleaning, I'm not the first to reach for a green cleaning product. I've tried a few products and have been left disappointed with the quality of their cleaning power. The only environmentally friendly cleaner I really enjoy using is Mrs. Meyer's Window Cleaner in Geranium.

I am in love with this scent.

However, I had purchased it on a trip the the States and I've never found it again. I even looked on Amazon and just couldn't justify an entire case of toilet bowl cleaner. I finally gave up. That is, until Target came to Canada. I soon discovered that Target carries the Mrs. Meyer's line. But, still no Geranium.

Without wanting to commit to purchasing an entire collection of new cleaning products, I took home a bottle of her Lemon Verbena scented Counter Top spray. Now, I'm not obsessive when it comes with cleaning. I do not stay up long after my children are asleep to wash floors, and I rarely wake up early to scrub my bathrooms. But I did really enjoy the scent of this spray.

So I returned later in the week and purchased the line. I even took home a bottle of fabric softener.

I feel good knowing that it's mostly plant-based, and that it doesn't consist of any harmful chemicals like my previous cleaners. Plus it makes the house smell fresh. 

Now back to cleaning and getting the house ready for company.

PS. Did you know that Mrs. Meyer's had 9 children? Bless her heart.


  1. I love her products!! I enjoy the lavender counter spray too!

  2. We have one here in Australia called, Murchison-Hume and it is amazing in Coriander, Fig, Juniper-berry. I love how natural cleaners are getting a lot of attention now. our skin absorbs so much.
    ...enjoy your cleaning!
    Ness xx

  3. Have you tried the hand soap, it comes in a multitude of fragrances even geranium and is available in several stores including Canadian Tire...
    Zehrs sells a line called Eco-Max in their organics section and the bathroom cleaner comes in Lemon Verbena and a lovely mint scent. I've been using it for years...

  4. I can certainly relate to this, I just moved in a new apartment and I spent all weekend cleaning, hahaha! Please do an inspiration board for 1000 thread count flat sheet or bedroom style inspiration!


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