Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall in the Garden

I love having a garden full of white flowers, but when the Summer fades and Fall arrives, something wonderful happens. My all white garden transforms into pretty shades of greens and pinks and reds and golds.

The Anemones that I planted early this Spring have been in full bloom for weeks now. They are tall, delicate flowers that open and close with the sun.

Pumpkins now sit on our front step, welcoming all who enter.

Though we have many farm stands selling pumpkins around us, most only have pie pumpkins and tradition orange carving pumpkins. I had to drive to a few stands in neighboring towns to find more unique varieties. I love the beautifully shaped Cinderella pumpkins (front), the Ghost pumpkins (white, in the back) and the interesting varieties of Hubbard and Acorn squash.

My Hydrangeas have started turning a deeper shade of green with pink tips as the temperatures drop lower at night.

I also finally decided to paint the front door. It's now the same colour as our shutters, and I love it lighter.


The Ivy has started turning a brilliant shade of red.

And, we've even enjoyed a few late Raspberries.


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS photos! So enjoyed the tour through your fall garden -- spider webs too!

  2. Your garden is beautiful!
    I'm in love with your dark green pumpkin!
    Thanks for sharing with us,


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