Monday, March 25, 2019

a stay in the city - toronto, day one

When your husband has to go out of town for a couple nights on business, especially when his conference happens to be at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel downtown Toronto, you thank your lucky stars your parents are happy to watch the kids, pack your bags, and tag along! While he was busy all day with seminars and each evening with mingling things, I occupied myself, which isn't hard to do in the city. I spent quite a bit of time planning out how I would spend the couple days; which bakeries looked yummy, which cafes seemed prettiest, shops I wanted to browse and neighborhoods I wanted to walk about. I had quite an extensive list actually.

Now, I didn't make it to everything on my list. Sometimes I really enjoyed walking about, and before I knew it, hours had passed. Other times, I'd get somewhere and parking seemed impossible, so I would just keep driving onto the next spot.

Of course, I could have stayed in the hotel for the couple days I was in town, and I would have been perfectly happy! It really is a beautiful hotel. And more than that, how they care for you is just beyond, especially with a baby.

Take for instance, this little tray of the most delicious treats they brought up while I was unpacking! (And a sweet little plush Moose and travel kit for George.)

The hotel lobby had beautiful displays of flowers that were changed part way through our stay. We arrived to giant vases of Forsythia blossoms in full yellow bloom, and yellow Tulips. And on the morning of the first day of spring, we came down to find pink Hydrangeas and Roses and Tulips, and huge bunches of blossoms.

After checking in and getting settled, I had the evening to walk about. I decided to head to Queen's Park. I love the beautiful old buildings of the University of Toronto and St. Michael's College, especially in contrast to the city around them. It's like being transported to London, or so I imagine.

It truly felt like the beginning of spring. The sun was warm, despite cooler temperatures and the birds were letting everyone know they had returned as they hopped about gathering twigs. I even saw the first Daffodils and Crocuses popping up. Only hints of snow still lingered and the grounds were so saturated and muddy. Luckily I had packed my boots and a light jacket.

I just ducked in and out of corridors and through archways, as I meandered through the grounds, never quite sure where I'd end up.

The evening hours, just as the sun was sinking below the surrounding buildings, was the perfect time to admire everything. The light was lovely.

From there I went back to the hotel, parked the car, and walked down Yorkville Ave to see the shops in that area. I had spent so much time walking around the Universities, that everything was closing and the idea of bringing George into a restaurant this late, by myself, seemed a bit too much. I had passed a gourmet grocery shop on my way, so I headed back to maybe get something from there eat. Of course, as I walked up, they closed their gates. At this point, the sun had set, and I was starving. Not wanting to bother waiting for room service, I grabbed a cheap slice of pizza, a bottle of wine and headed back to the hotel to soak in the tub. I climbed into bed, sufficiently pruny, and watched Escape to the Country as I snuggled George to sleep.

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  1. u r realy too close to nature i saw your love for nature in this spring my
    daughter birthday coming and she is also love to nature


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