Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In The Gardens

These are a few photos from around our gardens. This top one is actually the view into the old English couple's garden next door to us. He's transformed his part of the ravine that runs at the back of our properties into a beautiful little valley of English gardens. It's gorgeous and we are so thankful for the time he spends making our view so picturesque. The rest are around our own place and feature some of my herb pots, lavander, blazing star and even our cat - Hermione, who feels my bird bath is her own little water bowl.


  1. hi there, just to say I love your blog!
    Our cat used to drink all the water out of the birdbath, then curl up asleep in it!

    Love the cakes and pastries below- it's what drew me to your site

  2. That's so cute your cat is drinking the water in the bird house.


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