Friday, July 30, 2010

A Tiny Cottage

In light of the fact that I'm heading up to the cottage, I decided to post something on one of the most curious cottages I've come across. This was a cottage that was recently featured in the New York Times Home and Garden section by Joyce Wadler. I've posted the link to the actual article which you must read. It's about a woman, Sandra Foster, and her tiny Victorian cottage (formerly a hunting cabin) in the Catskills. She did all the renovations herself and you won't believe how much the renovation actually cost her!


  1. Oh my God, every woman's dream. It's exquisite.

  2. I would love to runaway to an enchanted forest and stumble upon this beauty and live there forever....Its okay to dream....right!!!!!!

  3. How much did it cost her? I really want to know.


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