Friday, December 31, 2010

50 Top Kitchen Tips - Martha Stewart

So... the new year begins in about 14 hours. That's 14 hours to finish coming up with any sort of new years resolutions that most likely will be abandoned before the week is through. Last year, it was the Martha Stewart Cleanse and Detox diet. I may as well have just posted the list of foods I could eat on my fridge because it definitely would have taken up less space. Needless to say, it didn't last long.

This year, I have only come up with one resolution. To be more organized. I've given it a lot of thought and I've realized that this can apply to anything; finances, health, work habits etc... My goal is to have a more efficient and productive home and a structured daily routine that allows me to maintain my house, while still giving me some time in the day to do things that I love.

This is no small task. I know that the actual resolution sounds simple; be organized, but in reality, it's an entire change in lifestyle. That's why I love things like "Martha's 50 Top Kitchen Tips". This may be specifically for the kitchen, but trust me, it's the principles that are applicable to any room in the house. And I figure, it's hard to be organized amidst clutter and chaos in your home, so why not start there? I think it'll be much easier to tackle a schedule in a tidy and organized environment.

Each photo is linked to the article. Once at the link, click the photo to magnify it and it read through each tip. Or just browse the photos. One of the photos near the end doesn't link up to anything so you'll have to head over to the original link at the bottom to read those on her website.

Prepare to be motivated! And, what better time, right?

May you dare to push yourself to grow and set resolutions that take work, for the harder the work, the sweeter the reward.

Oh, how I love this kitchen! Being in the kitchen is one of my favourite things. This is how I envision my kitchen to be one day. It doesn't need to be nearly this big, but with the same look and feel and the same organization!

All of the photos and tips in this post are from Martha Stewart Living. To read the original article, please go here:


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  1. My New Years resolution is the same as yours. I'm going to get more organized. It really helps you reduce stress throughout the day. When your disorganized you think know where things are but you really don't.


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