Saturday, December 11, 2010

Out And About ~ Rise Above Bakery

[Rise Above Bakery - Vegan Doughnuts ~ clockwise from back: Cinnamon Sugar, Maple Walnut and Chocolate]

I made a trip into town this dull Saturday morning and stumbled across a new vendor; Rise Above Bakery. Now, the gentleman serving the doughnuts will have to forgive me if that's not the correct name, but he's in the early stages of business and didn't have a sign - yet. Plus, I know it was some sort of clever donut pun...

For anyone near St. Catharines, he's planning on opening his bake shop in and around the James and St. Paul area. This is exciting for me because I love finding shoppes that sell things that I can get excited about, that are local and unique. It's so much more fun.

Anyway, I picked some out, because who, on a dreary Saturday morning, could resist fresh made doughnuts. Plus, it was an excuse to grab another cup of coffee - coffee and doughnuts were made for each other.

So, would you like to know why I found this particularly exciting? They're vegan. That means they're healthy, and good for you, and could possibly be considered a mandatory part of a well-balanced daily diet. I mean being vegan says it all. Oh, and the best part, they were delicious!

If you're in town next weekend, stop by and pick some up for with coffee! Support a local shop and indulge in something healthy that doesn't loose the yummy along the way.

"Mmmmm -Donuts..."

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  1. Well they look like real donuts..not like T.H's....which I refuse to go to...I am a Second Cup girl(best tea)...we did not get a flake of snow here today..did you? All the best,Chrissy


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