Monday, March 7, 2011

Pots of Spring

At the market this weekend, for the first time, there were a few small pails of pussy willows. I don't know about you, but to me, pussy willows are a sign of spring. I just couldn't resist buying a few bundles.

 As I continued through the flowers brought that day, I found some vibrant green roses. These are a variety that I don't normally see at market. They remind me of my mother-in-law. Her favourite colour is a vibrant green and as soon as I saw them, I slowly started to see a beautiful bouquet taking shape. We were going over for coffee the next night, and I thought these would be a lovely little gift.

I grabbed a bunch of the green roses, and went from there. There were some green carnations in a similar shade and some fragrant yellow freesias that would compliment the roses. For a bit of contrast I threw in some white sweetheart roses. These are the exact colours of her kitchen, and many of the accents in her home.

It was the pussy willows that really made the bouquet though. I had enough to make up a little arrangement for her in an old milk glass vase, and a smaller version for my sister-in-law. They didn't take much time to put together and the end result is just so fresh and vibrant, like spring in a pot!

An arrangement needn't be large to make a big impact. This one is the perfect size for any spot.

The yellow freesias and the crisp white sweetheart roses add the right amount of contrast to this arrangement. The Spanish moss and pussy willows give it a more natural feel.


  1. What a lovely arrangement. The perfect combination of sweetness and spring. Makes me smile :)

  2. Such pretty flowers Maria! I am sure they loved them. What a beautiful gesture!

  3. You have an eye and a talent for this!

  4. how beautiful they are...the colors of nature astound me sometimes.

    Your photos are always so gorgeous ~

  5. The green roses are awesome...I have never seen anything like them. I love pussy willow, too. Beautiful bouquet, Maria!


  6. What a beautiful flowers Maria.....happy week

  7. So beautiful Maria...freesia has always been one of my favorites!

  8. I never knew there was roses that were green. I actually like the shade. It's a nice change from the usual pink roses you see all around.


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