Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reclaimed Rustics - The Old Cabinet

[Capital Style UK]

This is a simple, quiet piece. It's understated and practical - especially fitted with curtains. It's allows you to either use the piece for storage you may want to disguise, or for prettier things you want to show off.

I don't know about you, but I love old cabinets. I love that they have a second go at being useful. I love their age and quirks and character. I love how I would choose an old wooden cabinet, probably chipped with loose hinges and maybe a broken pane of glass, maybe even salvaged from an old barn, over a shiny new model, every time.

But that's me.

I have a sneaky suspicion that most of you are probably the same way.

In that case, here are a few lovely old pieces that I would be more than happy to add to my collection.

(Not to mention the amazing collections they're housing!)

[Atlanta Bartlett]

This piece is stunning. Having twice the space, with lovely double doors, it's sure to be a focal point you can't help but stare at. I love the hardware as well - especially the old key!


Now this piece is massive. It's quite literally, weighting this room. There is ample storage and display space with this lovely piece, which thankfully for the movers, comes in multiple stacking pieces. The detailing on the door panels dresses up this otherwise simple cabinet.

[Jason Loucas]

This piece has a bit more of a clean and pretty look to it. It's most likely been completely redone. Though it looses the rustic feel of an old salvaged piece, it still boasts charm. They gray and pink pieces displayed, paired with lots of pretty glass, really make it more feminine.

[House and Garden]

And this one, well it's just a happy medium. It's just right in size, detail and age to me. It's rustic, but still slightly refined. It's got equal amounts of hidden and displayed storage, and it doesn't sacrifice character. I love that it has detail and still clean lines. And, I especially love those window panes - so charming!


  1. This is a great post for me...I LOVE old cabinets! I have one in every room and three more in the basement, just because I can't let them go. :) The best ones are the ones pulled right from the basement or the barn - now after seeing these pictures, I'm excited to find a new one! :)
    Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration you share ~
    xo sarah

  2. What a perfect post! I'm redoing a hutch as we speak & have been debating between glass or curtains. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Oh my I love them all....lots of charm in this post! x0

  4. Beautiful cabinets........no parcel yet......i wait and wait......hahahhah!! happy day darling....love Ria....xxx......

  5. Wonderful cabinets. I feel as if it's got lots of stories to tell on how it got it's nicks and scratches. I wish I can come across something as authentic as these.

  6. Lovely post on one of my favorite decorating *tools*. All my *cabinets* are mismatched, pine and/or chippy paint oldies..I love every one!
    No built-ins for moi! ;o)

  7. I love the white finish on the cabinet. You made it look like a brand new cabinet.


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