Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas in the Dining Room

Given the size of our dining room, which was originally added as a sun room, there isn't much room for a lot of decor.

I tucked little bits of pine and cedar and eucalyptus among my ironstone.

I also brought in a small juniper tree from our back deck and strung a few lights on it. It's planted in an old crock.

For the table, I kept my burlap running, and my wicker tray, and just added a small arrangement.

As you can see from all the green in the back yard, all of our beautiful snow has melted. Temperatures spent some time above zero, and the foot we had didn't last long. And even though the days have been quite cold lately, we have had much snow.

Things would seem so much more cozy if only there were a blanket of white outside.

Room by room, I'm making my way around the house, slowly adding bits of Christmas.


  1. So pretty, and I agree snow does help it be a little more cozy this time of year!!

  2. Looks gorgeous! Have you decided to take your house off the market and stay?

    1. Hello Stephen,

      We did decide to stay and are so happy we did.



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