Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mom's Magnolia Tree

For the past couple of weeks, each time I visit my mother in law, which is quite often as she is only down the road, we comment on how close the fuzzy buds on her Magnolia tree are to opening.

Finally, after some warmer weather, and a little sun, the buds have unfurled and the tree is slowly erupting in pale pink blooms.

It's such a beautiful sight, which is made even more special by the fact that their time of blooming seems so fleeting. So we enjoy them as much as we can before the last petals fall.

After retreating back inside to visit, I couldn't help but notice a Robin in their back yard, through their french doors off the living room.

I couldn't catch a photo of her, but you can just see the blur of her red breast as she flies away from the nest she's been carefully weaving. The nest is hidden just to the right of her, in the middle of the photo. It was beautiful watching her fly about the yard, gathering twigs and bits of wine and carrying them up between the boughs.

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