Monday, September 9, 2019

a fall project - front door planter

I wanted share one of a few quick little projects I have for some really simple, inexpensive fall decor.

The first is this planter basket that I have for our front door. I wanted something that felt like autumn, but wasn't overly pumpkin-ey just yet - transnational decor, if you will. 

Originally, I had seen Nora Murphy hang a similar kind of woven basket from her door, filled with gourds. I loved the look, so I started looking at thrift shops, trying to find a similar basket. I knew I could order one, but if I could find one to reuse first, I knew it would be so much cheaper. Sure enough, within a couple days I had found two. I think I paid $2 for this one.

I picked up a couple ornamental kale and cabbages.

I love the details on our front door, as well as the colour.

I removed the plants from the pots and loosened up the roots a bit.

Then I just planted them in the basket.

Now, these are outside, so when I water them, the water will just drain out of the basket. The root ball was quite elaborate and tight, so I'm not too worried about loosing soil. You could easily line it with some plastic and then plant them, but I would then add some packing peanuts or something for some drainage, so the roots aren't sitting in water.

This was a two minute project that cost me less than $10, and it looks great for September!


  1. So pretty! Is that a doorbell fitted into the door?! So cool.

  2. Yes! You turn it and it rings a bell. However, it's very, very loud, and our boys wouldn't leave it alone, so I removed the bed on the other side. People just use the door knocker anyway.

  3. What a lovely quick touch of autumn!


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