Sunday, February 22, 2015

The David Austin Rose Catalogue

A friend of mine recently went on a trip to Germany, where she attended an international flower show. She was interviewing different rose growers for research here back home. I had asked, if it wasn't too much, if she could bring me home a copy of the David Austin rose catalogue to browse through.

I always see the ads for ordering it in British Country Living, but I never have.

I was quite excited when she handed it to me the other week, and I've since been reading up on different varieties in hopes of possibly ordering a few more for my gardens.

I was so lucky the other year - in fact, the girl working the garden centre probably thought I was nuts - to find two varieties in town. I have never seen them sold here in Canada, and last year I searched all over unsuccessfully.

Here are some that I have dogeared.

Carolyn Knight

Gentle Hermione

Queen of Sweden

Lady Emma Hamilton

And both Lichfield Angel and William and Catherine.

This is the variety I have planted - Winchester Cathedral.

Have any of you had any luck ordering roses by mail? Or even Peony roots? I've also found quite a few lovely varieties that are very reasonable on eBay, but I'm so leery.


  1. Just wondering, are these sent potted or bare root? Of course I've always heard of the David Austin roses but never bought one. they're all wonderful with that David Austin look but I would love to have that Queen of Sweden growing in my garden!

    Oh, the magic of garden catalogues, how I get carried away!

  2. I think these will come bare rooted. And I have purchased them this way and I think it is really better than pots as sometimes they are too deep or too shallow--overwatered--underwatered etc. A good shipper will give you clear instructions on unwrapping, soaking etc. It sounds like work but it's really only a few minutes and then they soak on their own. I have done raspberries and blueberries as bare root plantings and they are doing wonderfully. The David Austin Roses are very fragrant and delicious to insects. Especially japanese beetles. Once they discover the roses they will imbed themselves in the flowers and eat their way thru all of them. A good systemic from Bayer works wonders in my Maine garden. Best wishes.

    1. This is very good information to have. I have lots of reading I need to do.

  3. I am SO lucky to have a huge rose supplier only an hour's drive from here. So in winter I can go and pick up bare rooted roses and they all the David Austin roses, which are divine. They mail order all over Australia and send them bare rooted in winter. I have bought lots of plants bare rooted by mail, including fruit trees and never had a problem. David Austin roses are well worth the trouble in searching them out. I adore British Country Living as well - such beautiful inspiration in those pages.

    1. That is lucky! I'm glad you've akways had good luck with ordering them by mail.


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