Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Office

Now that our dining room has been relocated back to the other end of our living room, our sun room has been left feeling kind of empty and not really useful. I had an arm chair and an end table in there to fill the space a little, but it was really just that - to fill space. And really, in a small home, well used space is so important.

A while ago I had set this room up as an office space. The view of the woods and the back yard is beautiful, and as it's nearly all windows, it's very bright. I thought it would be best to bring the desk back up from the basement and make it an office once more.

It's also a door to the back deck and back yard, so having this space set up in this way, with the desk up against the window, provides ample walking room.

I tried to keep things quite simple and clean.

The sun room is off of the kitchen, at the back of the house. To the left of these peg hooks is the staircase to the basement, and to the right are the french doors to the back deck.

We've had this desk since we were first married, and this chair was found at auction one time for $15.

Ideally, I would love to find a natural fibre rug, such a sisal, that would fill this space. But I didn't have anything on hand except this small rug. The tile floors in this room are a little cold in the winter, so it's nice to have something under foot.

My Juniper that I brought in for the winter is still doing well. In fact, it has a few inches of new growth on it.

Seeing as it's an office space, I hung my calender (the simplest one I could find) and my small inspiration board. It makes me laugh that this was my Pinterest. I find having something visual like this to look at is very inspiring to me.

On my board right now I have a lovely quote by John Howard Payne "Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.".

Each of these images are so lovely, and simple, and beautiful - the few snipped Peonies by the old brass goose neck faucet with the ornate mirror, the panelled bath with the luxurious tub, the vase of Hyacinths, the collection of antique watering cans, Trisha Foley's gorgeously simple outdoor spaces, and some decor inspiration with the natural rug, covered arm chair with the turned legs and old transferware collection.

My bouquet of flowers, though quite a bit smaller than at first, is still making me smile. I just keep removing the dead flowers and rearraging it a bit to keep it alive.

 The little bit of storage I need fits into this wicker trunk.

Oliver has found another new favourite spot, on the rug in front of the warm vent, in the sunlight.

I also hung this old portrait on the wall. I liked that dark frame and didn't have any other artwork that suited it well.


  1. How cute is Oliver! That's a nice, sunny nook you have in your house. Very bright and pretty. I like your desk chair. I have one just like it but without arms. It's a little tippy though (I once fell off it and landed on my left arm -- developed tendonitis in my elbow from the impact). We now have a desk chair from Ikea. But the antique chair is still in our office because I just can't part with it and love the look of it!

    I see you like simple calendars. I have a calendar tip that you might like for next year. I ordered a custom 2015 calendar from Pinhole Press using my original photos. It allows me to write in reminders for each day of the week. It's very nice quality too.

    1. Claudia,

      I just quickly googled this company and these calendars, and I love them. I will have to remember these for next year! Plus, I love the idea of being able to select to the photos for myself.

      And I'm very sorry to hear about your office chair mishap... The things we do for the pieces we love.

      - Maria


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