Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Master Bedroom

Today's task was to tidy up the master bedroom.

Not much has happened in here recently, except that we have hung curtains, and we purchased a new four poster bed from Kijiji. It was $100, and was already painted white. I actually would have preferred it to be unpainted, but I wasn't having any luck finding an antique frame in a queen size.

I'm still on the hunt for a night table. I have one that would work as a night table, but it's too large for this space. 

In need of some time out of the house, Hudson and I ventured to the grocery store today and picked up all of the Spring bulbs that they had. The Hyacinths were three bunches for $10!

We also picked up a chocolate croissant for with coffee. It was a much needed treat.

I put a few bunches on our night table. They will make the whole room smell beautiful.

The curtain panels were $29 from Ikea, and the rods were 20% off $14.99 at Target. We tried out the curtain hanging tip from Miss Mustard Seed, where you use a template and just switch it back and forth for each side of the window. It worked quite well.

I also picked up a few more pots of bulbs as my others were finished.

Daffodils are always so cheery.

And I always enjoy the look of Muscari.

And I managed to get a photo of this cheerful looking Cardinal. She's so fluffy and was chirping happily the entire time in the Lilac bushes outside of our bedroom window.


  1. Your bedroom looks so cozy! And fresh flowers on the night stand are always a welcome luxury. I wanted to let you know that I love that you have been posting more frequently with little glimpses of your home...Thanks!

  2. I believe we have the same curtains throughout our home and the same curtain rods but ours are the silver or nickel. Love them.


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