Monday, October 19, 2015

A Parlour Table and Giltwood Mirror

Two items that I've had stored away for months were finally brought out and used to continue furnishing the living room.

This gorgeous giltwood mirror from the early 1800's is probably one of my more exciting purchases. It had been hanging in a nearby antique store for quite some time and had been discounted a few times. I finally offered the owner $100 for it, not really thinking he would agree. To my delight, he said yes, and I'm fairly certain my excitement wasn't concealed as well as I thought it was.

This table was found on Kijiji. I just loved the legs - they have an empire feel to them. The top folds over and it pivots to reveal a hidden compartment. I think it was probably a games table of sorts.

Aren't the carved details just gorgeous?

It's a beautiful focal point for this side of the room. You see it when you walk into the living room from the front entrance.

I just finished telling Ryan the other night, while brushing our teeth and standing at the vanity, that I just love the feel of wood and the bit of gold and the white marble and fresh green. 

Add some crisp white sheets, nubby linen, ironstone, brown transferware, worm white wood, mercury glass and light pine and you've pretty much nailed my style.


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