Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Brown Transferware Pieces

Ryan has a few holidays left to use this year, and as crazy as it seems, our opportunities to use them are getting fewer as the weeks go by. So we decided to take a couple of days to work on the house, and then spend a night out of town with the boys. We planned a small road trip to see the Fall colours and pretty towns within only a few hours drive from our home.

While out and about, we would stop in a small town or port and we'd wander around. I would pop in and out of shops, the boys would play on a playground close by with Ryan. Then we'd search out a cozy little spot to eat, or a charming bakery to grab something warm and sweet. We just took our time, and did as we pleased and halfway, stayed in a hotel.

I'll share some more photos from this little adventure soon, but for now, I just wanted to share a couple things that I brought home with me.

Our hotel was in Woodstock, Ontario, and in Woodstock, there is a very large antique mall. In fact, it claims to be the largest in Canada with over 500 retailers.

 Now, before you start to imagine this massive antique mall, with aisle after aisle of antiques and treasures, I'll stop you. It's not. In fact it's more like three floors of industrial warehouse housing every person in town's left over garage sale items... And occasionally some handmade items, or some very sparse spaces that almost had potential.

Okay, maybe that's a little harsh. There were a few good vendors, and despite all of the clutter, I did actually come away with a box full of items. In fact, I came away with a box full of fantastic items.

One of the booths had a small collection of brown transferware, most of which were beautiful Aesthetic pieces. Because I couldn't justify purchasing every one of them, I spent some time deciding on my most favourite ones.

I loved the different shape of this plate, and the darker brown on this gravy boat.

I loved the deer and swallows depicted on this dinner plate.

I also found two smaller plates, a luncheon plate and dessert plate,

And this coffee pot was a steal because it was cracked in a few places. The little ironstone tea cup was another steal at $2.

So, with a few new pieces to display, it meant I needed to do some rearranging of my shelves.

I find it so soothing placing things and rearranging them until I feel like they're just right.

To give you some bearings, this is doorway leads into the living room. You can see the couch, which faces the fireplace in the background. The kitchen is an addition the runs along the back of the house, so you have to step through the stone wall. I love all of the casings from past years. It's just an interesting detail. I even love the dark, worn treads.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful get-away! Would love to see the beautiful fall colors in your area; we live in Birmingham,Alabama & while it is finally beginning to feel a little like fall it certainly isn't red & golden outside yet! Kinda dried &a dead looking from all the summer heat. I have been collecting brown & white transfer ware for 20 years; also blue & white and red & white and I love it all! Wish I could share pics of my favorite finds but I don't have a blog; I just enjoy yours and others full of home, family life & the simple pleasures of life. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Everything is lovely, Maria! I love the variations of brown together, and especially that precious coffee pot. May I ask where you got the white mixing bowls? Thanks, Deni

    1. Deni,

      The larger two are Maxwell and Williams, and while I purchased them years ago at a shop up North, they carry this line at Hudson Bay. The smaller ones are almost identical and come in lots of sizes and are antique pudding bowls. I've seen new versions though in similar sizes at Homesense.

      Hope that is helpful,

  3. you weren't harsh at all. you may have underplayed it :). they should really change their name to state flea market which is perfectly fine but advertising to be an antique mall is completely false. your collection looks lovely.

    1. Meg,

      You've experienced it! I didn't mind as much since I did actually find some great things, but it was just insane.

  4. Beautiful transferware and I can understand your attraction to the many shades of brown.
    I have a few Edinburg pattern jugs and have started a new obsession with Turnval's Quail pattern.
    Your's all look so perfect in the setting to which they have been placed.
    Off to your Mom and Dad's this morning for sweets and perhaps lunch.
    Susan x

    1. Susan,

      I recently found a little covered dish from that same pattern. It's so charming, and perfect for the Autumn months! Which makes me laugh, because my next thought was that I need to first locate my collection of red for the next season, and second, begin looking for a few pieces to add to it.

      I may see you this afternoon! The cottage is full of flowers, so I need to go in for a bit and do some bouquets.


  5. Looks great...I just packed away my blue and white in exchange for my brown transferware too! It is still hot where I am but it makes it feel more like fall inside.


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