Saturday, November 28, 2020

a sunset walk around acadia university

We filled the thermos with hot chocolate and headed to the town of Wolfville. While the boys mucked around at the waterfront park, I headed downtown to wander through the shops. Wolfville overlooks the basin, the dykelands holding back the tides, and then Cape Blomidon in the distance. You wind through Main Street in town, which sits slightly elevated, and pass all the grand old homes on either side. It's home to the University of Acadia - a beautiful historic campus that has a quintessential New England feel to it. And because the sun was just setting, and it was a crisp but perfectly clear evening, and because the buildings looked so warm and inviting in the setting sunlight, I parked my car and walked around. Save one or two students hurrying from one building to the next, everything was quiet. The buildings around the campus are quite beautiful. I may have to return for another walk about to see everything covered in snow, and I discovered a botanical gardens that I would love to return to tour in the spring.

This is Waterfront Park, where you can watch the world's highest tides rise and fall from the Bay of Fundy.

There are so many lovely old homes the line the main street through town.

This one is a particular favourite.

I had to pull over and slowly walk past to admire it. They had started decorating it for Christmas - some twinkle lights on the front hedges, wreathes in the gables, and candles in all the windows. It was all very simple and natural, just how I love it. What was so beautiful to me though, was that, with the leaves still clinging to a few trees, it was the perfect blend of late autumn and not quite Christmas.

I always love the Alumni Hall.

Across the road and up the sweeping drive, sitting on top of the hill, sits the University.

Pathways lead from the University to all of the various buildings around campus, including this little chapel and some really lovely residences. 

I've seen the Seminary House from the road down below, and have long wanted to wander up and see it. It's the most grand old building.

Beside the university sits the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre and the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens. The large arched windows to the sides are a grand sitting room.

It looked so inviting with students filling the armchairs, reading as the sun set, the lamps glowing warmly. I wondered if anyone would have noticed if I would have picked up a coffee, carried it in with my book to some secluded leather chair, and then just curled up in the quiet to read. No fear of an impending deadline for some paper that still needs to be written, no late night class to attend, no exams. Just a book and a coffee and quiet.

You can apparently tour the gardens, but currently it's not open to the public. Hopefully in the spring it will be open again, and then I'll return. I really hope we'll be allowed to tour the conservatory area, as well as the grounds, as I always love a beautiful glass house.

Even the little gated supply area was charming!

Once the sun was sufficiently set, I returned to pick up the boys who were all rosy cheeks and noses. We drove up and down a few streets admiring the older homes that sit surrounding the university, before making our way back home for dinner. A very late dinner, but it was worth it.


  1. It's absolutely beautiful Maria!

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