Thursday, November 12, 2020

in the garden - planting spring bulbs

We've had the warmest days this week, so I've made the most of them and spent some time planting some spring bulbs around the yard. I didn't plant too many, just a few clusters here and there. There are some under the large maple in the front yard, and some to the side of the front entrance. The rest have been planted under the lilac bushes which will be a welcome sight come spring. 

In each grouping I planted a few double White Lion narcissus, a few miniature White Marvel narcissus and a few double white snow drops. I selected them for their varying heights. And because they're white. (Obviously!) I love the idea of planting bulbs. Something to look forward to during the winter months, when the garden is asleep.

The garden centre looked beautiful.

I think I need to pop back in for some more muscari.

I also picked up some paperwhites to force inside for Christmas - another thing I love doing this time of year. However, due to the fact that their bulbs arrived in September, and then sat in a cool shed, they're already starting to sprout! So these ones will stay out and I'll enjoy them now through November, and I'll find some others to store away in the basement for a couple weeks so I can enjoy them closer to Christmas.

Miniature White Marvel

Double White Lion

The littler boys helped me "tuck the flowers in bed for the winter".

If you've wanted to force paperwhites, but aren't sure what you'll need, or how to get started, they're quite simple. I'm not an expert, but basically, I just pot them up now and keep them in a cool place for about 6 weeks (our basement is fieldstone so it's perfect). To pot them, I just fill planters halfway with small stones, then place my bulbs with the roots facing down. They like to be kind of snug, so fit them in quite close together. I put a bit of potting mix around them, but leave the top third showing, and then give them some water. The stones help with drainage. Don't forget to water them while they're away, a couple times a week, and then the same when they're out. Some recommend a mixture of alcohol and water to keep them from getting kind of leggy, which they can do, but I'm too cheap for that. Plus, I've read mixed reviews on it. I do however, plant them kind of low in taller pots to help with their height, and then I'll tie some ribbon around them while they're blooming in they start to flop over.

Have you planted anything for spring?


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